3 Order Tracking Platforms Optimizing the Post-Purchase Experience


Do you think the party’s over once your customer purchases? Wrong!  Keep the customer engaged with your brand by continuing the conversation. We’re talking about optimizing order tracking pages to maintain the same seamless user experience you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Shipping confirmation emails often include plain text and a simple tracking number linking directly to USPS, UPS, FEDEX, or DHL. Yawn. Did you know many platforms allow you to customize the order tracking page with images, email sign-ups, promotions, and branding?

We’re sharing some of our favorite brands’ optimized order tracking pages.


Who: Gathre sells leather mats for kids and babies.
Platform: ShipStation

Gathre’s website is bight and clean. It’s no surprise their ShipStation tracking page mirrors this minimal look. We love the map visualization showing order origin and destination, plus the tracking breakdown in the right sidebar. Additionally, it’s convenient to see order information and product details and imagery, so you can easily recall the product ordered.

Gathre Shipstation


Who: Michaels sells arts & crafts supplies.
Platform: Convey

Michaels streamlines the customer experience by using the same navigation bar on their Convey page that they do on their website. We like the clear and easy-to-read the tracking information, and the prominent “Your shipment has been delivered” header. You can’t miss it, alleviating anxious scanning of the page to track your delivery.

Michaels understands leveraging their shipment tracking page for marketing and customer service. The right sidebar announces their mobile application and prompts visitors to download. Additionally, they encourage customers to complete an easy delivery experience survey. It’s short and sweet, and an opportune moment in the customer experience to solicit honest feedback.

Michaels Convey

Who: Kohl’s is a retail department store
Platform: Narvar

We love the Kohl’s Narvar tracking page, especially how they use content blocks to separate information, so the page isn’t cluttered.

Similar to Michaels, Kohls’ upper navigation and branding mirrors their website. We like the visual cues on the calendar displaying the delivery date and the shipment activity icons. Kohl’s uses a right sidebar to promote “daily deals,” a full-length block to prompt survey feedback, and a bottom block to highlight “best sellers.”

Kohls Narvar

Old Navy

Who: Old Navy sells apparel and accessories for Women, Men, and Kids
Platform: Narvar

Old Navy demonstrates alternative ways to customize your Narvar page.
Old Navy uses header navigation to match their website and showcase featured products at the bottom of the page. Instead of a calendar and tracking details in two different content sections, Old Navy uses a single section to indicate an items progress and when it’s delivered.

Old Navy places the “rate your shopping experience” in a prominent, central location, truly demonstrating how much they value customer feedback. The right sidebar is used for an email sign-up form with a promotion. We’d prefer a dynamic email sign-up form, that displays different content for subscribed customers. It’s valuable real-estate, use it!

Old Navy Narvar

How Do the Tracking Platforms Stack Up?

See for yourself in our handy matrix:

Order Tracking Platform Chart

Leave the Door Open

Once a customer purchases, leave the door open by continuing to guide the customer journey. Maximize your shipment Tracking page, solicit reviews or feedback, provide a coupon to make a new purchase, or just follow up via email and make sure the customer is still satisfied. Creating a 1-1 past-purchase experience leaves your customers happy and excited to repeatedly purchase.