4 Facts About Facebook Advertising

This week, we welcome a guest post from our Search Marketing Associate, Gaby Dagata.

Gaby is responsible for managing Facebook Ads, pay-per-click (PPC) services, and search engine optimization (SEO) for our clients. She conducts account audits, optimizes ongoing campaigns, and works closely with clients to reach their advertising goals.

Are you one of the 93% of marketers regularly advertising on Facebook? With Facebook’s extensive reach, the benefits of advertising outweigh the negatives.

Whether you’re new to Facebook advertising, or an old pro, we’ve highlighted four things to know about Facebook advertising.

1. Facebook Ads Aren’t Limited to Facebook

Think your Facebook ads only show on Facebook? Think again. In 2014, Facebook opened their metaphorical doors to a broad range of publishers through their Audience Network.

The Audience Network allows Facebook to compete for ad space with big-time players, like Google. Facebook’s Audience Network also tends to have a lower cost per 1000 impressions (CPM’s), compared to other placement options.

Pro tip: dive deeper into your ad placement breakdown and see if using the Facebook Audience Network makes sense for your business.

Facebook Audience Network

2. Frequency is Underrated

Frequency is one of the most underrated performance metrics. Frequency is measured by calculating the difference between Impressions and Reach. This information allows you to know how many times a unique person is exposed to your advertisement.

Quick recap- Reach is measured by the number of unique views on your content, and Impressions are the aggregate (not unique) times your content appears in a person’s newsfeed. Still confused? Check out this article explaining the differences.

Pro tip: best practices say to recall your ad when the frequency reaches an average of three. Limiting your ad frequency ensures you’re investing advertising dollars in the most efficient manner and viewers aren’t getting bored with the same creative and copy.

There is no automated ad frequency threshold, so it’s important to manually monitor this metric.

3. Don’t be Confused By Facebook Audiences

Everyone has heard of the mystical “lookalike” audiences and Audience Insights Reports within Business Manager. Don’t be afraid, use them!

Upload a set of customer emails, set up a Facebook Pixel to capture website visitors, and learn your target audience’s demographics using the Audience Insights Reports. Find these audience creation tools in the Asset Library, under Audience.

Facebook Audiences

Pro tip: adding Facebook’s Pixel code to your website is vital for successful remarketing campaigns on Facebook. Once your Facebook Pixel is set up, you can easily maximize abandon cart consumers, general website visitors, create lookalike audiences and more.

4. Facebook Is Not Limited to E-Commerce Clients

Facebook ads are extremely useful for clients across industries, not exclusively e-commerce companies.

Pro tip: the Custom Conversions tool allows advertisers to measure actions taken on specific web pages. These actions can include, but are not limited to, form submissions, email registrations, button clicks, and file downloads. These touchpoints offer huge lead gen opportunity for service companies!

Facebook Custom Conversions Tool

Bonus: Control The Ads Facebook Shows You

Ever wonder why Facebook displays certain ads on your personal Facebook timeline?

Check out your ad preferences by navigating to Settings > Ads > Ad Settings to adjust the information Facebook can pull from your page.

Your Facebook Ad Settings

You can also view how Facebook categorizes you, based on actions taken on Facebook by going to Settings > Ads > Your Information > Your Categories. Interesting stuff!

Facebook Ad Setting Information

Try These Facebook Advertising Tips and Get Creative

There you have it, four things to know about Facebook advertising (plus a bonus!). Facebook offers marketers a huge opportunity to expand their audience and get their content or products in front of more eyes. Use our pro tips to try out Facebook ads, and if you get stuck, contact us for help.