Analytics Tip – Google Optimize

The Skinny

Google is beta testing a new landing page testing and optimization tool that integrates with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager called: Google Optimize.

Doesn’t This Already Exist?

Sort of. Google has been trying to get into the optimization game for a while now. It started with Google Website Optimizer which was discontinued in 2012 for Content Experiments in Google Analytics. This brought A/B testing into the Google Analytics tool. Google Optimize is their latest iteration. Google Optimize 360 is also in beta, but the main difference between Optimize and Optimize 360 is price. Google Optimize (sans 360) is free and thus a little more limited than the 360 enterprise version.

The Google Analytics 360 suite is the premium, paid-for suite of Google products. There are free versions of these but they have some limits to their capabilities.

Want to see the full comparison breakdown of the two versions? Check it out here.

What Exactly Does Google Optimize Do?

Google Optimize is being billed to “show you which site experiences engage your customers and give you the solutions you need to deliver them”.

The tool is built upon and integrates seamlessly with both Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. With these integrations already in place, you can set up a number of experiments with utilizing all three systems. More specifically, the types of experiments you can run include: A/B tests, multivariate tests (up to 16 variations), and redirect tests.

Additionally, with Google Optimize 360 you can set up Google Analytics audience testing but this feature is not available in the free version of the tool.

Google Optimize

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What does This Mean for Marketers?

Instead of using a costly outside service for optimizing your websites and landing pages, such as Convert or Optimizely, Google is providing a free version that’s already built to integrate with other Google Suite tools that you are using.

Having everything all in one place will mean less time and energy wasted toggling between two systems. Additionally, knowing the visitor and conversion data within your Google Analytics account will allow you to more effectively test and optimize any pain points on your website. That means reducing friction for visitors and more money for you! What could be better?

Google Optimize is still in beta, you can submit your email address to gain access while the rest of us wait with bated breath for it to be universally available.