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How Automated Emails Reduced Customer Churn 14%


GVTC Communications provides phone, TV, security, and fiber-internet to businesses and residents living in the greater San Antonio Metropolitan region.


GVTC needed a way to inform customers before their monthly subscription rates expired, so they could choose a new service plan in the online portal.


Whereoware designed and built automated emails to send in advance of price increases and provide customers a direct link to their website’s online portal.


GVTC saw 14% of campaign recipients purchase a new plan, either through the online portal or call center.

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Combining Predictive Analytics and Email to Win Back At-Risk Customers


Mud Pie knew a small subset of their customers churn, resulting in lost revenue. Mud Pie teamed with Whereoware to proactively identify these customers, so they could engage them differently and retain consistent repeat revenue.


Whereoware worked with leading technology companies DOMO and the Big Squid Predictive Toolkit (PTK) to design a sophisticated predictive model to identify customers likely to churn.

By coupling this solution with automated email marketing, at-risk customers were intercepted, and engaged in a personalized email campaign.


Download the case study to see how Mud Pie identified at-risk customers and converted 10% of this group.

SEO Tip – 5 Steps to SEO Victory

barcode-case-study-graphicAre you playing hard to get? If someone searches for your company on Google, does it return on the first page of search results? If not, follow our handy, 5-step checklist to learn how to get started with search engine optimization (SEO) today. You’ll start by creating great content, learn how to optimize that content for the web, and end with measuring success.

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Creative Co-Op – How a Redesigned Website Enhances the Retailer Shopping Experience


Creative Co-Op is a home and seasonal décor, candle, jewelry and fashion accessories company.


Creative Co-Op wanted to update their website to improve product discovery, offer sophisticated B2B tools and features, and better engage their active customer base.


Creative Co-Op’s new website streamlines product discovery with enhanced navigation, filtering, and search options to help retailers find the best products for their store. Large, high resolution lifestyle imagery and alternative views show off product details and an integrated Instagram campaign featured on the homepage enriches audience engagement.

The new site offers a suite of B2B tools and features. A Retailer Portal makes it easy and enjoyable to fulfil inventory, while a visual indicator tracks retailers progress toward their Advantage Status, Creative Co-Op’s loyalty program. A multi-line shopping cart feature separates retailers’ cart items and invoices by product line to personalize promotions and logistics (shipping/order minimums).

Download the case study to see how Creative Co-Op’s redesigned website increased transactions 19%.

3 Tips to Boost AdWords Performance with a Little Cleaning

Are you using Google AdWords to reach the right people at the right time? It’s common for campaigns and keywords to quickly accumulate, causing your ads to show up in irrelevant locations instead of in front of your target audience.

Start 2018 off on the right foot in by cleaning your AdWords account. We’ll cover how to clean up your campaigns and ad groups, keywords, and extensions.

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How to Succeed in the Gift Industry’s New Era: Your 21st Century Playbook

B2B Gift and Home Buyers Are Changing – Can You Keep Up?

Acceleration of sales technology and evolving B2B buyer expectations are restructuring sales teams, displacing traditional sales channels, and fundamentally changing how buyers shop and interact with brands. To stay competitive, gift buyers and vendors must transition their business from old world commerce to new world commerce – fast.

What Can You Do?

Fill out the form + download your copy of the updated 21st Century Playbook: a quick recap of how B2B buyers are changing, and a play-by-play outline of what you need to anticipate and respond
to their needs, and compete for their business.

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