B2B Brands and Mobile: Whereoware Featured in Furniture Today Magazine

Whereoware’s Chief Revenue Officer Joe Harris, Creative Director Carla Valdez, and other Industry leaders shared their insights with Furniture Today on optimizing websites and marketing for mobile.  

Check out the original article or read our recap below.  

Americans predominantly using their mobile phones to browse the web (mobile-only users) are expected to reach 52.3 million by 2021. Mobile is becoming the most popular way to access the internet, making it no surprise more than 50% of Google indexes favor mobile-first according to Search Engine Land. 

As customers increasingly reach for their smartphones, how can furniture websites deliver an optimized and intuitive experience?  

Maximizing Mobile First 

Furniture Today shares tips on optimizing for mobile users, encouraging retailers to use: 

  • One call-to-action per page for finger-friendly navigation.  
  • User-friendly navigation options, like collapsible “hamburger” menus  
  • A separate mobile logo to fit smaller screens 
  • Vertical graphics 
  • An easy-to-read font optimized specifically for mobile 

Whereoware’s Chief Revenue Officer Joe Harris reminds readers to prioritize fast loading speeds for users. “We recommend having browser autocomplete on forms since no one wants to type all the information into the little keyboard.”

The article also covers mobile’s impact on social. Read more on how to optimize for mobile by viewing the original article at Furniture Today