Behind the glasses – Mitch

Each month we get to know one of our fantastic Whereoware employees better. This month, we go Behind the Glasses with Mitch Phillips, our Digital Marketing Associate.


What’s your name? Mitch Phillips

Job title: Digital Marketing Associate


Favorite food: Parmesan cheese. I asked if we could get a parmesan dispenser put in by the water fountain, but apparently that’s not in the budget. Time to start a GoFundMe.

Hidden talents: My fashion. I once wore a striped shirt with plaid shorts in high school and everyone was taking pictures of me.

If there were a movie of my life, I’d be played by: Michael Cera

In a zombie apocalypse, my weapon of choice would be: Can Zombies jump? If not, I’m definitely putting Legos in the hallway. Good luck walking through that.

Nerd Quiz

Facebook or Twitter: Twitter during football season; neither during election season.

iOS or Android: iOS – if I text you and a green bubble comes up…

‘Nerd’ or ‘Geek’: Dweeb

Star Wars or Star Trek: THERE’S A DIFFERENCE?!?

What’s the best part about working at Whereoware?

The challenging work environment. I’m constantly tasked with things that push my creative boundaries and help me learn new things, whether it’s design, handling data, or coding new emails or landing pages. The people are great too. Everyone here is very smart and fun to be around!