Behind the Glasses – MoonYoung

Each month we get to know one of our fantastic Whereoware employees better. This month, we go Behind the Glasses with MoonYoung Cortez, our Web Designer.


Whereoware Web Designer MoonYoungWhat’s your name? MoonYoung Cortez
Job title: Web Designer


Favorite food: I like a lot of different cuisine, but Japanese food is my favorite.
Hidden talents: Fruit picking. Pretty much everyone who went with me to self service fruit picking comment on how good I am at finding the good ones and quickly developing techniques on knocking them off the tree efficiently.
If there were a movie of my life, I’d be played by: Maggie Q.
In a zombie apocalypse, my weapon of choice would be: Optimism and Survivalist mind – Without those, no one can survive the apocalypse.
One item you would bring with you to a desert island and why: Duct tape because it’s durability makes for a good survival kit (Not entirely sure of how that would work in real desert, but I once saw a duct tape episode in Mythbusters so I’m pretty convinced).


Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
iOS or Android: Android
‘Nerd’ or ‘Geek’: Geek
Star Wars or Star Trek? Both

What’s the best part about working at Whereoware?

Working with people who are friendly and supportive and smart are the perks!