Behind the Glasses: Kendall Duke

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Each month, we interview one of our out-of-sight employees here at Whereoware. For February, we get to know Kendall, our Email Marketer, a little better.


Name: Kendall Duke

Job title: Email Marketer

Describe yourself in three words: Passionate, Loyal, Resourceful

Words to live by: Start each day with a grateful heart.


What’s a typical day-in-the-life of an Email Marketer?

A day in the life of an email marketer is always living a day ahead — emails are typically scheduled a week to a month in advance. Email production is a continual process, juggling multiple projects for multiple clients in various stages of the process every day.

What’s your favorite aspect of your role?

Getting to help clients achieve their goals and feeling a sense of accomplishment when those goals are met (and exceeded!). It’s super exciting to be part of a fast-paced team in an ever-changing role.

What keeps you motivated?

My love of learning keeps me inspired to advance my skills, and I feel a sense of pride in a job well done.

What’s the best part about working for Whereoware?

The people here are down-to-earth, have an amazing work ethic, and know how to have fun. Surrounding myself with people who are experts in the field allows me to be excited every day. As a result, I’m always learning something new and it’s so rewarding to feel a sense of purpose.


Where was your last amazing vacation? Disney World! After all, it is the happiest place on earth.

Where is the coolest place you’ve visited? Busch Gardens, Williamsburg