Behind the Glasses: Meet the Customer Insights Team

The future that data experts and science fiction authors have long predicted is here: digital data runs our world.

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When effectively interpreted and harnessed, data helps us make strategic decisions, improve inefficiencies, better engage our audience, and provide deeper value to customers. Data automation at scale is the competitive future, and Whereoware has an entire Customer Insights (CI) team obsessed with all-things-data.

Meet our gang of data experts and learn how the Customer Insights team helps our clients maximize data to make strategic business decisions and increase sales.

Taming the Data Beast

Our Customer Insights team makes data less scary. They’re here to help you tame the big data monsters, so you can build a data-driven business.

Our CI team problem solvers will help you consolidate data from different systems, clean it, and parse the important, useful data from the volume. They can build data architectures and integrations to solve unique challenges, automate daily inefficiencies, or deliver powerful marketing insights.

The CI team bridges the gap between data and customers, so you
achieve a holistic business view, make better informed decisions, and deliver more customized experiences.

Examples of the CI team’s data taming for true business impact include:

Real-Time Reporting: Whereoware’s Customer Insights team uses business intelligence tools to integrate data sources in different systems to achieve a single source of truth. They can tie together email performance from your marketing automation tool directly to revenue captured on your website, for example. Learn how they used Domo to help Ferguson Enterprises replace hours of manual reporting with actionable insights in minutes.

Customer Churn: All e-commerce brands are challenged with customer churn (or the loss of a repeat buyer). How do you keep your customers coming back for more? Discover how the CI Team developed a sophisticated predictive model for Mud Pie, to reduce churn, reconnect with passive customers, and recapture revenue.

Need Your Own Data Wizard?

Are you struggling to apply data practically to make strategic decisions? Need help maximizing your data, reducing reporting time, or gaining a universal truth for your business? Tackle your data challenges and let your data tell a story. Get in touch to speak to one of our data wizards.

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