Video – New Personalized Mud Pie Website

We had a great time last week at the Episerver Ascend Conference in Las Vegas! Our session, co-presented with Mud Pie, walked through their new customer-centric, personalized B2C website, built by Whereoware using WOWCommerce + Episerver. Check out the video (below) produced by Episerver featuring Mud Pie eCommerce Manager, Andrea Ouargli + our very own Senior Online Marketing Manager, Faith Albers!

See below for more details about the challenges Mud Pie faced with their old website + the successes the new website garnered.


Whereoware executes behavior-based, personalized emails for Mud Pie to increase engagement and drive sales on their website. Unfortunately, the personalization was one-way. Mud Pie’s website didn’t have the functionality to dynamically display promotions targeting Mud Pie’s different audience segments. (Everyone saw the same promotion.) Mud Pie wanted to personalize their customers online experience on both their website and in their emails.


In 2015, Whereoware delivered Mud Pie a powerful new B2C website using WOWCommerce, an accelerator package built on top of their e-commerce platform Episerver.  The new site is powered to leverage behavioral data from their website, marketing database, and email marketing tool to deliver a personalized shopping experience to every visitor.

For a more in-depth look into the personas + results, get the Mud Pie B2C Website case study.