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How Modular Email Templates Cut Email Design + Build Time In Half


Ferguson Enterprises is the largest U.S. distributor of plumbing supplies, PVF, waterworks and fire and fabrication products. It is also a major distributor of HVAC equipment and industrial products and services.


Some of Ferguson’s emails were not responsive, because they didn’t have an in-house email developer. They wanted to redesign and rebuild their emails to be responsive, while reducing design and development time.


Whereoware and Ferguson took a modular approach to building responsive email templates. Modular design enables Whereoware to build flexible templates with modular “building blocks” that Ferguson can swap in and out for endless combinations of email layouts and designs.

Download the case study to see how Ferguson’s email clickthrough rate increased by 50%.

Integrating a Business Intelligence Tool (Domo) + Mobile Sales App to Keep All Data In One Place



Our client needed greater transparency into their nationwide sales organization’s activity and progress against goals, but their data was housed in separate tools.


Our Client teamed with digital agency Whereoware to identify a solution to integrate, house, and analyze their mobile sales app data and sales reports in a single location. Enter Domo, a business intelligence and predictive analytics engine.

Management monitors sales rep performance by region, territory, manager, and individual rep. They see the products individual reps show, the media libraries and catalogs they access, items added to carts, and more.

Meanwhile, each sales rep has their own highly-personalized sales dashboard, accessible when they’re on the road, in a sales meeting, or at an event via their Spotlight mobile app.

Now, weekly, quarterly, and annual reports are in an easy-to-use dashboard and are no longer manually exported, combined, and shared.

Download the case study to get the full story.

Webinar Recap: Deep Dive Into SEO Webinar Recording, Slides, Toolkit, and Checklist

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our March webinar: Deep Dive Into SEO. We shared how to combine your website, marketing outreach, social media, and PR to boost organic reach and gain visibility in front of your target audience. 

Missed the webinar or need a refresher? Get the slides.

Watch to the webinar recording:

Download Christina Daves’ Publicity Ebook and HARO Cheat Sheet


Download the SEO 201 Checklist:

Combining Predictive Analytics and Email to Win Back At-Risk Customers


Mud Pie knew a small subset of their customers churn, resulting in lost revenue. Mud Pie teamed with Whereoware to proactively identify these customers, so they could engage them differently and retain consistent repeat revenue.


Whereoware worked with leading technology companies DOMO and the Big Squid Predictive Toolkit (PTK) to design a sophisticated predictive model to identify customers likely to churn.

By coupling this solution with automated email marketing, at-risk customers were intercepted, and engaged in a personalized email campaign.


Download the case study to see how Mud Pie identified at-risk customers and converted 10% of this group.

Creative Co-Op – How a Redesigned Website Enhances the Retailer Shopping Experience


Creative Co-Op is a home and seasonal décor, candle, jewelry and fashion accessories company.


Creative Co-Op wanted to update their website to improve product discovery, offer sophisticated B2B tools and features, and better engage their active customer base.


Creative Co-Op’s new website streamlines product discovery with enhanced navigation, filtering, and search options to help retailers find the best products for their store. Large, high resolution lifestyle imagery and alternative views show off product details and an integrated Instagram campaign featured on the homepage enriches audience engagement.

The new site offers a suite of B2B tools and features. A Retailer Portal makes it easy and enjoyable to fulfil inventory, while a visual indicator tracks retailers progress toward their Advantage Status, Creative Co-Op’s loyalty program. A multi-line shopping cart feature separates retailers’ cart items and invoices by product line to personalize promotions and logistics (shipping/order minimums).

Download the case study to see how Creative Co-Op’s redesigned website increased transactions 19%.

How to Succeed in the Gift Industry’s New Era: Your 21st Century Playbook

B2B Gift and Home Buyers Are Changing – Can You Keep Up?

Acceleration of sales technology and evolving B2B buyer expectations are restructuring sales teams, displacing traditional sales channels, and fundamentally changing how buyers shop and interact with brands. To stay competitive, gift buyers and vendors must transition their business from old world commerce to new world commerce – fast.

What Can You Do?

Fill out the form + download your copy of the updated 21st Century Playbook: a quick recap of how B2B buyers are changing, and a play-by-play outline of what you need to anticipate and respond
to their needs, and compete for their business.

Download your 21st Century Playbook:

Webinar Recap: B2C Holiday Marketing 101 Slides + Toolkit

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our webinar: B2C Holiday Marketing 101. We shared need to know planning information for this season and next, easy updates you can make to your email and website, and ways to tie in social.

If you missed the webinar or would like a refresher, get the slides.

Download the B2C Holiday Toolkit to get tons of great resources and the webinar recording:

Webinar Recap: B2B Holiday Marketing 101 Slides + Toolkit


Thank you to everyone who joined us for our webinar: B2B Holiday Marketing 101. We shared easy updates you can make to your email + website, how to ready your reps for the holiday season, and the best way to tie in social.

If you missed the webinar or would like a refresher, get the slides.

Download the B2B Holiday Toolkit to get tons of great resources and the webinar recording:

Pay-Per-Click Tip – How Mud Pie Generated a 954% Return on Ad Spend


Mud Pie is a B2B and B2C retailer of trendy and seasonal baby clothes, women’s apparel, gifts, home décor and more.


Mud Pie wanted to execute an omni channel marketing strategy for their annual Christmas Closeout sale.


Whereoware promoted the Christmas Closeout sale on Mud Pie’s website and in PPC and email campaigns.

Additionally, Whereoware developed a targeted Facebook advertising campaign, using both Facebook’s standard and retargeting ads. The successful campaign generated additional revenue from previously untapped sources.

The Facebook ads proved to be the second highest source of website traffic for the entire Christmas Closeout campaign, second to email. Even better – 70% of those website visits were new visitors.

See how Whereoware accomplished this task, along with more stats.

Webinar Recap: Mobile Email Design 101 Slides, Recording, + Checklist

Thank you to everyone who joined our webinar: Mobile Email Design 101. We hope you gained some mobile email design best practices to improve customer experience and increase conversions.

If you missed the webinar or need a refresher:

Review the slides   HERE

Watch the Webinar:

Download the checklist: