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Get Your 2017 Responsive Email Design Checklist

As promised, here is our 2017 Responsive Email Design Checklist.

Did you know that 51% of consumers unsubscribed from a brand’s email because their emails or website didn’t display or work well on their smartphone? We know you don’t want your audience to be part of this high percentage.

What’s more, 54% of email is now opened on a mobile device.

With more and more people using mobile devices to open their emails everyday, it is imperative that you keep up!

Get our Responsive Email Design Checklist to follow as you code your next email. If you’re still having trouble, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Mobile Tip – Understand 3D Touch or Risk “Cool Mom” Status


This week we welcome Emilyann Key, our Digital Marketing Coordinator, to talk through 3D touch and what it means for marketers. 

As digital marketers, we strive to create excellent online experiences by speaking customers’ language. Just as slang changes over time, so does the technology we use to engage customers. If we fail to evolve our digital marketing strategies with technology, we’re analogous to the “cool mom” using outdated slang – in other words, we may as well go fly a kite!

3D touch is a newer feature of the iPhone 6s and all subsequent iPhone models, enhancing users’ functionality based on the pressure of their touch.

In digital marketing, we aim to reduce conversion resistance by streamlining each users’ journey. We minimize the number of clicks required to check out or reduce the fields in webforms, so it’s simple and pleasant for customers to complete actions.

3D touch strives to do the same for iPhone users – offering more navigation options, based on the degree of pressure placed on the screen, instead of forcing the user to navigate to separate screens or click additional home buttons.

While this is exciting news for iPhone users, it tilts the playing field for digital marketers. Today, we’ll talk through how 3D touch impacts users’ email and website experiences, and ideas for how marketers can adapt.

Users Can Write an Email from the Home Screen

Before: Users entered their inbox to start a new email. This subtly forced users to check inboxes at their leisure and every time they wanted to send a new email.

With 3D touch: Applying fingertip pressure on the iPhone mail app opens a menu where users can start a new email, view all inboxes, view VIP, and search their inbox.

3D Touch Mail

Potential Impact on Marketers: Customers no longer have to open their inbox, and might miss many of the new emails in their inbox. While this will do wonders for user productivity (at least mine), it will likely affect email open frequency and overall email performance, especially for time-sensitive campaigns.

Users Can Sneak a Peek

Before: Only from-name, subject line, and pre-header text (for Pete’s sake, use pre-header text!) was visible in the mobile inbox prior to opening.

With 3D touch: With a press and hold, users see a truncated view of the top half of an email or webpage without officially opening.

3D Touch Email Peek

Potential Impact on Marketers: Peeks provide all the excitement of opening an email or visiting a webpage, without the extensive time commitment and physical exertion of actually opening or visiting.

This function affects marketer analysis and design. Peeks will count as opens for email and visits for webpages. Most ESPs and web-tracking platforms do not yet have a unique metric to separate peeks from opens, which makes it trickier to accurately analyze email and web performance.

Before 3D touch, we’d conclude that an A/B tested email design that received 100 opens and only 2 CTA clicks probably suffered from an ineffective CTA. Now, we must recalibrate our reporting, and consider the fact that a portion of “opens” or “visits” might have only experienced the top half of the email/page.

Marketers should consider consolidating the intended user journey. Don’t panic – this isn’t a drastic change requiring a copywriting overhaul. After all, even before peeks, we front-loaded emails and webpages to entice users to scroll down the page.

If a large portion of your customers open/visit on 3D-enabled devices, consider shaking up your designs. Maybe put your navigation bar beneath the hero image or place your value proposition in plain, peek-able sight. Measure how these changes influence email performance and adjust from there.

Get Contact-Cozy with Customers

Before: To view an email sender’s contact information, users had to open the email and press from-name/email address, to open the contact’s record in the Contacts app.

With 3D touch: By pressing the from-name in an opened email, you can view a contact’s profile, save the contact, etc.

3D Touch From Name

Potential Impact on Marketers: For most companies, asking customers to “save as contacts” seems somewhat outdated. Due to 3D touch, this may become a resurging trend, particularly for email campaigns sent from individual sales-reps.

By encouraging customers to save their sales-rep’s contact information, companies can make it easier for users to call or text (and of course, reply via email) from within the opened-email interface.

We’d love to see companies utilize the contact photo space for further branding. Go on – put yourself out there and encourage customers to save your promotional email address as a contact. Make it even easier by providing a link to automatically save all your promotional contact information and create a branded logo designed for the contact photo size!

Over time, marketers will test and develop clever ways to deliver unique engagements using 3D touch. Today, we’re in that exciting stage before 3D touch’s status quo is established in the marketing space. So, go forth and be adventurous!
Explore new ideas of using 3D touch to give your customers the very best marketing experience. Don’t stop there, press on – but remember, not too hard, or you might save us as a contact!

Marketing tip – 4 Marketing Lessons From Pokémon Go

Pokémon GO Perhaps you’ve seen them – throngs of zombie-eyed wanderers clutching cellphones in one hand, swiping rabidly with the other; murmuring gibberish under their breaths punctuated by victorious fist pumps.

Perhaps you even know a guy, who’s heard of a guy, who swears he’s seen the infamous Mewtwo, one of the ever-elusive “Legendary”.

No, these impromptu, impersonal public gatherings aren’t the advent of The Walking Dead, nor a particularly sluggish flash mob.

They’re ambitious Pokémon trainers, living their 90’s-era-obsession with “Catching ‘Em All” in the real world.

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Email Tip – How Responsive Email Templates Cut Production Time in Half

Plow and Hearth Responsive Email TemplatesConsumers increasingly interact with brands from their mobile devices, and in many instances, mobile might be a customer’s only impression of a brand. It’s imperative that customers receive an excellent user experience from every device.


Plow & Hearth is a multi-channel retailer of quality hearth, yard and garden, apparel, and outdoor and indoor living products.


50% of Plow & Hearth’s emails were opened on mobile devices, but their emails were not mobile-friendly.

Like many retailers, they had a small team that was inexperienced in coding emails and a very aggressive email schedule. They were ready to dive into mobile email, but weren’t sure whether responsive or scalable design would be the best approach for their family of six brands.


Plow & Hearth reached out to Whereoware to develop mobile-friendly email templates for their team to update and maintain ongoing.

Due to the large volume of emails sent, and the limited staff/resources to put emails together, Whereoware had to think of a creative and straightforward way for less experienced email builders to construct anywhere from 30-60 emails in one week.

Read the short case study to see how Whereoware worked with Plow & Hearth to deliver three responsive email templates – increasing quality of 60+ emails a week and cutting email production time in half.

Email Tip – Responsive Email Build

Liz CordeiroThis week, we welcome a guest post from our Online Marketing Manager, Liz Cordeiro. Liz is excited to take over this post + dive into mobile responsive template building with you!


So you’ve noticed that mobile sessions on your website are up, and that more users are opening your emails on a mobile device. The next natural progression is to start making your emails look better on a mobile device, but it can be daunting to get started. Did your eyes get wide when you Googled responsive email building and saw words like media queries, fluid, conditional statements PLUS the more advanced code than your typical HTML builds? Take a breath, I’m here to help.

I’ve designed and tested an email to look as good as possible at both desktop and mobile sizes, and I’m going to break down the code for you in a way that’s easy to digest. This is a long post, but I didn’t want to leave anything out – so stay with me!

Setting up header elements

The email will need several bits of code set up in the header. This includes everything between the initial <html> tag & the opening <body> tag. Start with the right Doctype – this will allow you to use all of the code to make it responsive. Here’s an example of how to implement a Doctype – it should be the first 2 lines of code:


Then the email needs the right viewport. Using this basic one will cause the email to scale to 100% on different screen sizes. Place the viewport before the <title>. Learn more about viewports here.

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Mobile tip – 4 ways mobile shoppers boost in-store + online spending

Thanksgiving shopping Bag and computer mouseThanksgiving 2014 was a milestone. For the first time, more consumers visited websites from mobile devices than from desktop computers. This habit extends beyond holiday online shopping – 53% of emails were opened on mobile devices in 2014 (a 500% increase in just four years). Mobile’s growth is a wake up call for anyone doing business online.

This holiday season, your emails and websites needs to be mobile-friendly or half your traffic will buy from brands that make it easier to read, browse, and shop from a tiny screen.

Brands offering a fantastic mobile shopping experience will maintain or grow their online base, and brands that don’t will lose customers.

Forward-thinking companies are leveraging mobile to increase their e-commerce ROI and generate in-store sales. To maximize holiday spending this year, see how mobile apps can integrate the online and in-store shopping experience.

Mobile shoppers browse before buying

Neiman Marcus Snap. Find. Shop mobile app‘N Sync gets what some brands don’t – buy-buy-buy is over (we couldn’t pass this reference up!). Customers are so over the pushy sales tactics. Instead, they want to price shop, read reviews, and see similar products to be sure they’re buying the right item at the right price.

Smartphones make it easier for customers to do product research, whether they’re browsing from their couch or pulling up competitor pricing in a store aisle. (Cough, Forrester says 34% of customers have used their mobile device to research products while in a store.)

Instead of fighting savvy shoppers, brands are using their mobile apps to supply customers with the information they need to feel ready to buy.

Neiman Marcus rolled out a Snap.Find.Shop feature in their mobile app that allows customers to take a picture of a product and retrieve similar items. They can purchase the photographed item or the product recommendations with just a few clicks.

Even better? They don’t even need to be in the Neiman Marcus store! By leveraging 3-D visual search technology, a person can take a picture of someone they see on the street and the app returns products with a similar look and feel that Neiman Marcus sells. The feature is currently limited to shoes and handbags, but Neiman Marcus intends to add additional product lines in the future.

The genius of Snap.Find.Shop is mobile shoppers checking out items from other stores are guided to instead purchase them from Neiman Marcus – a win for any brand.

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Mobile tip – tap into mobile push

Mobile Push exampleYou know how your iPhone beeps when your friend tags a #tbt pic of you on Facebook? You eagerly open your app to realize in horror that it’s your bad hair and braces in all its junior high glory? That Facebook alert is a mobile push notification.

Mobile push is often confused with SMS or text messaging. Unlike a text message sent from one cell phone to another; a mobile push notification is sent through a mobile application to its users.

As mobile dominates all aspects of our personal and business lives, brands’ adoption and consumers’ acceptance of mobile push notifications will only accelerate.

The Mobile Push Opportunity

Brands can email, call, mail, tweet, and reach customers a million ways. What’s so exciting about mobile push? We’re all obsessed with our mobile phones! Unlike desktops or snail mail, consumers take their phones with them everywhere and spend on average, 117 minutes a day on their phones (that’s more than the time we spend watching TV)! We aren’t just surfing the Internet, making calls, or texting either – 86% of our cellphone time is dedicated to mobile apps. This clearly gives mobile push an upper hand to reach consumers where they’re spending most of their time.

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Responsive Email DesignClick Here to download our 2017 Responsive Email Design Checklist! 

Are you keeping up with your growing mobile customer base? According to The Radicati Group, 78% of emails will be opened on mobile devices by 2017.

You only get one chance to impress these mobile customers! Responsive email design can help you deliver a fantastic email experience from every device.

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Spotlight tip – Helpful iPad tricks

Desktop Mobile Tablet Omni ChanneliPads are now as ubiquitous in everyday life as our phones, but there’s one drawback to leaning on these mobile tools. Every once in a while, our iPads don’t work as we expect, filling us with a red rage.

Today, we’ll go over tips to keep your iPad humming, and how to get better support when it’s not. (Hint – smashing it on the ground is NOT advised.)

iPad Battery Low?

Screen brightness
Do you feel like someone’s been shining a flashlight into your eyes after looking at your iPad all day? Tone down the brightness by swiping up from the bottom of your screen to access your Quick Actions menu. Slide your brightness to 50% or less, and you’ll notice a significant battery life increase and a decrease in your burning retinas!

Auto lock settings
Do you ever look down and realize your iPad’s screen is on, even though you haven’t touched it in ages? Change your Auto Lock settings to a shorter time period, and you’ll see an increase in battery life. Go to your iPad’s Settings app > General > Auto Lock. We suggest setting your Auto Lock settings to 2 or 5 minutes to maximize battery life.

Airplane mode
Are you in a different location than normal, and your iPad says “searching” where it usually says AT&T, Verizon, etc.? Set your iPad to Airplane mode to keep it from searching for a signal all day. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open your Quick Actions menu and touch the Airplane icon toggle to ON.

Secret Tip: If you put your iPad on Airplane mode when charging, it charges twice as fast!

Is your iPad App Acting Up?

Sometimes, we all need a fresh, clean start to our day! Restarting the app simulates the first time you installed it (without losing any data).

Double tap the Home button to view all applications currently running

Restarting your iPad apps

Reopen the app

Still Having Issues? Try Restarting The iPad

Remember powering down the old desktop computers? Of course not, none of us are old enough to remember those days!

Press and hold down both the Home and Lock buttons on your iPad for approximately seven (7) seconds until the screen turns black

After about 30 seconds, hold down the Lock button until the Apple logo appears

Still no luck? Send a picture to support

It won’t immediately solve your problem, but it beats sending a 1,000 word document to your support team.

Hold the Home Button and Power Button simultaneously for 3 seconds until the screen shutters like a camera lens.

Go to your iPad’s Photos

Tap “Select” in the upper right corner in Your Photos

STEP 4:  (See graphic below)
Select your photos to send. A checkmark appears in the thumbnail’s bottom corner

Select the share icon

Tap the email icon and enter the support email address to send the photos.

Share photos with support

Back up your iPad!

Through your Apple iCloud account, you can automatically backup your iPad’s content. If your iPad stops working, you can restore all of your content on a replacement iPad!

Go to the iPad’s Settings App > iCloud > Backup
If you’re using iOS 7 or earlier, tap Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup

Make sure iCloud Backup is ON

iCloud Backup


These iPad tips may seem simple, but when the red rage overcomes us, we often lose our minds. Instead of destroying your favorite mobile tool, take a deep breath, and follow our tips. You’ll increase your iPad’s battery life, save yourself from losing important files, and rest assured that you’re not picking pieces of your shattered iPad up off the ground.