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Mobile tip – tap into mobile push

Mobile Push exampleYou know how your iPhone beeps when your friend tags a #tbt pic of you on Facebook? You eagerly open your app to realize in horror that it’s your bad hair and braces in all its junior high glory? That Facebook alert is a mobile push notification.

Mobile push is often confused with SMS or text messaging. Unlike a text message sent from one cell phone to another; a mobile push notification is sent through a mobile application to its users.

As mobile dominates all aspects of our personal and business lives, brands’ adoption and consumers’ acceptance of mobile push notifications will only accelerate.

The Mobile Push Opportunity

Brands can email, call, mail, tweet, and reach customers a million ways. What’s so exciting about mobile push? We’re all obsessed with our mobile phones! Unlike desktops or snail mail, consumers take their phones with them everywhere and spend on average, 117 minutes a day on their phones (that’s more than the time we spend watching TV)! We aren’t just surfing the Internet, making calls, or texting either – 86% of our cellphone time is dedicated to mobile apps. This clearly gives mobile push an upper hand to reach consumers where they’re spending most of their time.

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Get Our Responsive Email Design Cheat Sheet

Responsive Email DesignClick Here to download our 2017 Responsive Email Design Checklist! 

Are you keeping up with your growing mobile customer base? According to The Radicati Group, 78% of emails will be opened on mobile devices by 2017.

You only get one chance to impress these mobile customers! Responsive email design can help you deliver a fantastic email experience from every device.

Get our Responsive Email Design Cheat Sheet to use as you code your next email. If you’re still having trouble, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Spotlight tip – Helpful iPad tricks

Desktop Mobile Tablet Omni ChanneliPads are now as ubiquitous in everyday life as our phones, but there’s one drawback to leaning on these mobile tools. Every once in a while, our iPads don’t work as we expect, filling us with a red rage.

Today, we’ll go over tips to keep your iPad humming, and how to get better support when it’s not. (Hint – smashing it on the ground is NOT advised.)

iPad Battery Low?

Screen brightness
Do you feel like someone’s been shining a flashlight into your eyes after looking at your iPad all day? Tone down the brightness by swiping up from the bottom of your screen to access your Quick Actions menu. Slide your brightness to 50% or less, and you’ll notice a significant battery life increase and a decrease in your burning retinas!

Auto lock settings
Do you ever look down and realize your iPad’s screen is on, even though you haven’t touched it in ages? Change your Auto Lock settings to a shorter time period, and you’ll see an increase in battery life. Go to your iPad’s Settings app > General > Auto Lock. We suggest setting your Auto Lock settings to 2 or 5 minutes to maximize battery life.

Airplane mode
Are you in a different location than normal, and your iPad says “searching” where it usually says AT&T, Verizon, etc.? Set your iPad to Airplane mode to keep it from searching for a signal all day. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open your Quick Actions menu and touch the Airplane icon toggle to ON.

Secret Tip: If you put your iPad on Airplane mode when charging, it charges twice as fast!

Is your iPad App Acting Up?

Sometimes, we all need a fresh, clean start to our day! Restarting the app simulates the first time you installed it (without losing any data).

Double tap the Home button to view all applications currently running

Restarting your iPad apps

Reopen the app

Still Having Issues? Try Restarting The iPad

Remember powering down the old desktop computers? Of course not, none of us are old enough to remember those days!

Press and hold down both the Home and Lock buttons on your iPad for approximately seven (7) seconds until the screen turns black

After about 30 seconds, hold down the Lock button until the Apple logo appears

Still no luck? Send a picture to support

It won’t immediately solve your problem, but it beats sending a 1,000 word document to your support team.

Hold the Home Button and Power Button simultaneously for 3 seconds until the screen shutters like a camera lens.

Go to your iPad’s Photos

Tap “Select” in the upper right corner in Your Photos

STEP 4:  (See graphic below)
Select your photos to send. A checkmark appears in the thumbnail’s bottom corner

Select the share icon

Tap the email icon and enter the support email address to send the photos.

Share photos with support

Back up your iPad!

Through your Apple iCloud account, you can automatically backup your iPad’s content. If your iPad stops working, you can restore all of your content on a replacement iPad!

Go to the iPad’s Settings App > iCloud > Backup
If you’re using iOS 7 or earlier, tap Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup

Make sure iCloud Backup is ON

iCloud Backup


These iPad tips may seem simple, but when the red rage overcomes us, we often lose our minds. Instead of destroying your favorite mobile tool, take a deep breath, and follow our tips. You’ll increase your iPad’s battery life, save yourself from losing important files, and rest assured that you’re not picking pieces of your shattered iPad up off the ground.

Webinar Recap – The Store Of The Future

Did you sit in on yesterday’s webinar, Connecting Devices and Data to Create the Store of the Future? The webinar covered personalization and technology in retail and had us totally geeking out. A round of applause for the host, Alicia Fiorletta of Retail TouchPoints, and the awesome speakers:


How often do you sit in on a webinar that talks about delivering a tailored customer experience, while showing off super cool technologies like RFID, augmented reality, robots (I mean, ROBOTS)?

Check out just a few of the sci-fi-ish technologies that ambitious retailers are adding into their brick and mortar stores to bridge the gap between the digital and in-store experience:

The New StoreThe webinar covered a ton of information, but we summarized a few of our favorite points for you.

Digital isn’t killing retail

The speakers agree that digital isn’t replacing retail. In fact, 94% of total retail sales are still generated at brick and mortar stores (eMarketer). Consumers visit retail stores because they’re seeking a comfortable, familiar, sensory experience. They want to touch and see your products and get feedback from your sales reps. Smart retailers are using digital to enhance and augment the retail experience, not replace it.

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Whereoware wins Best B2B Mobile Application at the 2014 MobileWebAwards

Whereoware’s Spotlight Sales Application won Best B2B Mobile Application at the 2014 MobileWebAwards, presented by the Web Marketing Association. The MobileWebAward recognizes excellence in the exploding world of mobile development.  Warm congratulations to the other winners!

Whereoware’s Spotlight Sales app increases sales and improves accountability of sales teams’ daily activity. With Spotlight, companies showcase products, categories, catalogs, branded product sheets, and wishlists. Reps take orders and review order history from anywhere (no WiFi required). Integrated with marketing automation tool Silverpop, Spotlight features a scoring model incorporating leads online behavior (emails opened, webpages visited, etc.) and offline behavior (interactions in meetings). The integration provides reps a 360° view of past engagement, order history, and positioning within the sales cycle.

Address verification and proximity search empower reps to work the most promising leads first, close sales on the road, and increase operational efficiency. Meanwhile, management monitors sales activity in real-time to personalize rep training and boost productivity.

See the full award entry here.

See Spotlight in action! Check out our Spotlight case studies and the full breadth of Spotlight’s unique functionality on our website.

5 tips for a tablet-driven sales meeting

Is your iPad sales tool helping, or hurting, productivity in your sales meetings?

Forrester Research projects spotlight for sales - in ipad-v2that by 2017, total worldwide tablet sales will reach 381 million units, with 18% of these tablets purchased directly by enterprises.

That’s a huge number of tablet users leveraging the tool to meet and exceed their business goals. We put together our top five tips and tricks to ensure you’re using your tablet to its fullest potential.

1. Always represent your company’s brand 
In today’s competitive sales climate, it’s imperative to highlight your company’s brand wherever you go. This is especially true with your sales app, which is in front of your customers regularly. Your sales app should have a cohesive look and feel (your company’s logo, colors, and messaging) to help customers better associate and recall your brand, set yourself apart from the competition, and increase their comfort level doing business with you.

2. Be prepared before walking in the door
Open and load all the apps you need, BEFORE you walk into the client’s door. On the same note, ‘kill’ your games, email, music, and other apps that you don’t need during the sales presentation. Even better, move all nonbusiness apps to another screen. Unnecessary apps only distract your client.

3. Your tablet is guiding the meeting, not leading it!
Remember, your iPad is a sales tool, but YOU are the sales master! Don’t let technology take over your meeting – your knowledge of the customer and your product should always take center stage. Use the tool to prepare a customized presentation (based on your customer knowledge) and guide your client through closing the sale.

4. Disable all push notifications
Before walking into your meeting, picture that familiar movie theater clip about silencing your cell phone. No client should see you have another client meeting in an hour, or that you have to pick up little Jimmy from soccer at 4:00 p.m. Don’t interrupt your client’s buying experience! If you’re unsure how to disable push notifications, ask us at

5. Charge your battery
How can you give an effective sales presentation from your tablet, if it won’t turn on? Charge your tablet each and every night. You should also have a car charger, for when you’re on the road all day.

Take advantage of sales apps in your meetings by following these great tips (collected from reps using our Spotlight iPad application). How do you take advantage of your iPad in sales meetings? Share your tips in the comment box below!

Google Analytics tip – metrics to measure mobile engagement

Everywhere you turn, people are talking about the importance of mobile. If you don’t believe all the hype, check out Forrester Research’s new report, projecting $87 billion in e-commerce sales to be ordered on mobile devices in 2014.

To develop and grow your mobile strategy, you need a clear picture of just how mobile your customers are. Today, we breakdown three metrics to watch in Google Analytics to better understand the way mobile customers are interacting with your website.

What percent of your website visitors are on desktops vs. mobile devices?

1. Specify your data’s date range at the top of your analytics dashboard.
2. Under Audience in the left sidebar, select Mobile, then Overview.
3. This report displays the breakdown for your website audience – desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.

Mobile Audience Overview-small

You can now compare sessions (formally called “visits” – see more information on this change), bounce rate, session duration, etc. to gain insight into your customers’ user experience from different devices.

For example, if your bounce rate is much higher on mobile devices and tablets, your customers might be having a difficult time navigating your website from their phones and are leaving your site in frustration.

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Web tip: 3 strategies for a better website in 2014

Although spring cleaning may be many chilly months away, we think the new year is the perfect opportunity to take an objective look at your customer engagement efforts and pinpoint areas for improvement. Like a New Year’s diet, it is less daunting to make small, incremental changes, than to overhaul your whole marketing strategy in one giant swoop. What better place to start than with your website, the virtual face of your company? Although the recommendations in today’s blog post are not ground breaking or revolutionary, they are proven, time-tested tweaks to improve your site’s

The three-second rule

When your web developer drops a delectable treat on the floor, there is a three-second grace period to eat it anyway! Just kidding – that’s the other three-second rule. Today’s three-second rule speaks directly to your site’s effectiveness: can a site visitor tell what your company does, how you can help them, and how you do it better than the competition, in three seconds or less?

The three-second rule boils down to your value proposition. Is it clear? Is it consistent with your other messaging? Are you promising too much or too little? A value proposition that is brimming with the same vague, clichéd buzzwords as your industry competition will not be nearly as persuasive as a concise, front-loaded message that clearly states what your company does differently from everyone else.
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Web tip: Responsive vs. Mobile-Only Web Design

Angry-Toddler-w-Phone_bIn December 2012, Pete Cashmore, founder of online news site Mashable, declared 2013 the Year of Responsive Design. What did he mean? In short, mobile was taking over.

Fast forward a year, and according to a Pew Research Center study, nearly one in five smartphone owners do most of their online browsing on their phone. Are you providing a positive user experience on every device? As Cashmore predicted, your customers expect to browse the web on their phones and tablets just as easily as they do on a desktop computer. The question is, how can you deliver a seamless user experience from any device?

Mobile options: responsive vs. mobile-only

Mobile-friendly websites are designed predominantly in two ways: completely separate from your primary website (a mobile-only site) or built by incorporating responsive design principles into your primary site’s design (responsive design). Continue reading.

Marketing automation tip: scalable vs. responsive email design

Whether you write an e-newsletter for your business or promotional emails advertising products, designing email for mobile readers is no longer a question. Mobile is the new reality, and its ability to reach and influence consumers is growing.  According to the Litmus “Email Analytics” (June 2013) report, 44% of email is opened on a mobile device, and the Adobe “2013 Digital Publishing Report: Retail Apps & Buying Habits” notes, 71% of mobile purchasing decisions are most influenced by emails from companies.

Your current and potential customers are checking their mobile devices multiple times a day, scanning e-mails, and clicking links to purchase products.  Instead, of asking yourself whether to meet potential customers where they already are, the question to consider is, how can you best design emails to make reading and action easiest for your mobile customers? Scalable or responsive? Responsive or scalable? We’ll explore both to help you decide which technique is the right choice for your business.

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