Email Tip – Use Email with In-Store Interactions for an Omni-Channel Experience

As email marketers we sometimes get stuck in the digital world. But brands who have brick and mortar locations can also leverage email for in-store events and in-store only promotions. Having an in-store event and want to drive foot traffic? Send a series of email invites! Is it too close to ship before a holiday? Send an email with a coupon that’s only good in-store. According to CMO, sixty-five percent of U.S. shoppers will browse online and buy in-store during the holidays.

See How Outrageous Interiors Did It

Outrageous Interiors is a B2C gift & home and furniture client of Whereoware who used email to promote an in-store event. Customers were invited to participate in an in-store event from October 25 to 31, 2016. To win, the customer had to visit each of their four stores (all located in GA) and collect a pumpkin at each store. The first person to do this would win $250 gift certificate and all other winner would win $100.OI-Email-LP

First an email went out on October 24, one day before the event start with the event details and highlighting the $250 gift certificate reward. The email linked to a landing page with more details and store information.OutrageousInteriors-Winner-Email


Within the first two hours of the event kicking off on October 25, Outrageous Interiors had a winner. An email announcing the winner went out the same day and reminded other participants they still had three days left.


Host In-Store Events

Host an in-store shopping party to drive brand awareness and sales. Invite your customers through email, have them RSVP (if your brand is more exclusive), and encourage them to bring a friend or two! This is a great tactic for e-commerce retailers who also have brick and mortar stores. See some of our favorite examples below:

DSW InStore EventIkea Instore Event

Target Location

If you have address data for your customers or even just a zip or postal code, use this to target customers by inviting them to events happening at a store nearest to them or personalize your email to include “Visit Your Local Store” so they can easily take advantage of in-store promotions. In the Rent the Runway example below, the customer received this specific email because they have previously been to that store location or are located within the Washington DC Metro region. In the West Elm example, the email calls out the nearest store to the customer in the header.


You can also use targeted location data to alert customers of anything, like Williams Sonoma did to announce a store closing.


Email Receipts for In-Store Transactions

Instead of printing off a receipt, offer the option to have the receipt for the purchased to be emailed to the customer. More retailers are now offering this from their POS machines so the relationship with the customer can be tracked on and off-line. Below are examples of how Paper Source and Home Depot are sending e-receipts for in-store purchases.


What Can I Do?

Send an email to invite customers to an in-store event, announce store information to current customers, and re-engage after an in-store interaction. You can track open rates, the transition from initial email to landing page with more information is seamless, plus it’s cost effective. City-specific events (state dinners or inaugural balls in DC or tailgating events during college football season), prom season, and the holidays are great themes to drive customers and potential new customers (their friends + family) to interact with your brand and participate in a contest or promotion. Think up some ideas you can now execute in the new year!