Sell More with Smart Product Recommendations

This week, we welcome a guest post from our Senior Digital Strategist, Brittany Moreland.

Brittany helps our e-commerce clients utilize data to deliver omni channel marketing automation experiences. She specializes in combining data analytics, customer journey mapping, and research-based insights to develop scalable and profitable digital marketing solutions.

Personalization is vital to the success of any marketing strategy. As e-commerce becomes more and more competitive, it’s essential that brands engage existing and potential customers with hyper-relevant personalized experiences.

One way to provide a memorable personalized customer journey is through user-specific product recommendations. According to Accenture, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who provide relevant offers and recommendations.

Today, we’re digging in on how Episerver Product Recommendations helps enhance product discovery and increase cart value with smart product recommendations. Learn how Episerver Product Recommendations helps you achieve a 24/7 personalized buying experience across all channels.

What is Episerver Product Recommendations?

Episerver Product Recommendations is one of many tools in Episerver’s Personalization suite. Product Recommendations easily integrates with your website CMS to deliver targeted, data-driven product recommendations, encouraging visitors to convert and buy more.

With a powerful combination of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, Product Recommendations captures behavioral and action-based data to learn and predict which product offerings are most valuable to achieve a unique, highly-individualized shopping experience.

How Does Episerver Product Recommendations Work?

Product Recommendations works to better understand every customer by analyzing visitor actions, website behavior, customer profiles, order history, and identify similar customer journeys to autonomously generate rich product recommendations. For example, Product Recommendations captures actions such as pages visited, clicks, items added to cart, abandoned orders, and more.

The intuitive and easy-to-use personalization solution focuses on three key elements:

  • The Who: Better understanding your customers and visitors by capturing and analyzing an array of insightful behavioral data to enrich their experience on an individual level, rather than a segmented level
  • The What: Maximizing your product catalog deed, with real-time updates, to provide and display targeted, in-stock offerings
  • The Where: Analyzing factors such as time of day, the customer’s place in the buying journey, and the ideal channel to deliver the right recommendations to the right people, at the right time

As a result, Product Recommendations suggested products encompass data points across the customer journey and display the most compelling product for every visitor.

This helps a visitor discover the right items and explore deeper into your product offering, making them more likely to have a happy, seamless experience and, ultimately, convert.

Episerver Product Recommendations Perks

Salesforce reported that product recommendations drive an astounding 26% of revenue, so adding personalized product recommendations is a no-brainer.

But Product Recommendations doesn’t stop with intelligent product recommendations. The tool allows you to layer on personalization at every touchpoint throughout the customer journey, from start to finish.

Use Episerver Product Recommendations to display similar items to complimentary customers’ carts, showcase seasonal or newly discounted products, or highlight products recently browsed or previously purchased. Choose from Product Recommendations’ repository of algorithms to do it all!

Go above and beyond to serve your customers using Episerver Product Recommendations:

  • Optimize Category Pages: Optimize your product category rankings to display tailored offerings to every customer across your website with behavioral data and merchandising strategies
  • Personalize Product Emails: Include targeted product recommendations in any email, such as cart abandonment and retargeting emails
  • Behavioral Triggers: Instantaneously capture on-site behaviors and immediately act on them with automated, personalized emails, like relevant discounts/offers, repurchase messaging, and best-selling product interests to increase conversions

Get Personal with Episerver Product Recommendations

The future of e-commerce is personalization and it’s no longer a nice-to-have. Consumers expect a hyper-relevant and easy online experience, tailored to their place in the customer journey.

Episerver Product Recommendations’ smart personalization assists you with increasing your customers’ average order value (AOV), boosting the number of items purchased per order, and enhancing product discovery, so you can put the right products, promotions, and messaging, in front of the right customer, at the right time.

Need help getting started? Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you with maximizing Perform for earning customer loyalty, generating extra sales, and delivering true 1-to-1 personalization.