Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager Platform Embraces Influencer Marketing

In today’s hyper-connected world, consumers are looking to top workout gurus, beauty vloggers, foodie fanatics, mom blogs, and everyone in between, for advice, stories, and product suggestions. The resurgence of word-of-mouth marketing in the form of digital “influencers” wields significant power, motivating consumer purchasing decisions and brand engagement.

According to MarketingProfs, 94% of marketers who use influencer marketing find it an effective practice, with results that generate up to 11 times the ROI of traditional advertising.

Social media mavens and digital superstars serve as an extended tribe for product recommendations, brand loyalty, and more authentic online interaction. As a result, these content creators—from celebrities and bloggers, to niche-market personalities—continue to be a driving force for exponentially increasing brand following and audience reach.

Marketers and technology giants alike are taking notice of the power-of-the-pack digital strategy. The world’s largest social network is staking its own claim on the world of influencer marketing. Facebook’s recently released Brand Collabs Manager is connecting brands and influencers, and redefining how brands conceptualize and create branded content on the popular platform.

Facebook Brand Collabs Manager

The collaborative search hub is designed to build lasting partnerships between creatives and brands. It serves as a digital rolodex for businesses to connect with relevant content creators to supercharge their marketing efforts. Ultimately, Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager helps brands to deliver fresh, highly personalized advertising, through product placement and sponsored content, to their targeted audiences.

How Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager Works

Brand Collabs Manager enables brands to foster more engaging and transparent campaigns for better advertising results and authentic user experiences.

Through the creative marketplace, brands explore relevant influencers through targeted searches. The dashboard displays a stream of profile thumbnails related to your brand and applied filters, detailing their name, picture, following, and industry category.

At a glance, brands can view an influencer’s media kit, content portfolio, past collaborative projects, contact information, website, and more. Likewise, creatives can interact with brands through industry-specific profiles and show their interest in teaming up by simply “liking” a brand’s page.

Brand Collabs Influencer Profile

Finding the Perfect Match

Identifying the right influencer, or group of influencers, to represent your brand is vital. How can you find the perfect match that aligns with your values, vision, and purpose?

The Brand Collabs Manager platform allows brands to discover influencers with similar audiences and generate customized lists based on their past partners, preferences, persona, reach, and more. Brands can narrow and refine their search by browsing geographic locations, audience characteristics, and demographics. From relationship status and personal interests, to gender and home-ownership, brands can find the ideal collaborator with the ideal following.

In addition, the dashboard includes a valuable compatibility rating. The score, featured on each creator’s profile, calculates a percentage match related to how well their offerings compliment a brand’s needs and intended audience. Use the compatibility rating to find the perfect brand influencer for you.

Value Compatibility Rating

Join the Collaborative Conversation

Seemingly the Tinder of influencer marketing, Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager makes it easier than ever for brands and creatives to connect. Its release signifies just how powerful forming partnerships with trusted brand ambassadors and savvy opinion leaders can be in driving sales, customer loyalty, and engagement. Facebook has taken notice, have you?

While the platform is only open to select brands and influencers, it will soon be available to all. If you’re a brand, sponsor, or marketer looking to gain access and give your digital strategy a serious edge, get started here.