Analytics Tip – Life Made Easier – GA Announces Properties Movable Across Accounts!

The Skinny

You can now move properties across accounts in Google Analytics and Analytics 360.

If you feel like exclaiming, “YASSS/YESS/ HALLELUJAH” at the sound of this good news from Google Analytics, we will surely join you!

What’s a Property?

It’s important to understand the elemental hierarchy in Google Analytics to understand how a property fits into the grand scheme of things. This article here helps break down each segment and how they relate to one another, most importantly properties and accounts. Here’s the visual used in the article to show the relationships:

Google Analytics Relationship

A property is a “resource associated with your tracking code (property ID)”. In a nutshell it’s the thing that sends data to Google Analytics about your Account using the tracking/property ID. There are two types of properties: website and mobile app and you can have up to 50 properties associated with each account.

Cool – How Do You Do It?

Only users with full access (edit and manage users) to both accounts can move properties.

1. Log into your Google Analytics account
2. Click into the Admin section
3. Select the property you’d like to move + click on “property settings”
4. In the top right there is a “move property” button
5. Indicate the source account (current account) and destination account (other account).

Find more information on the process here.

Why Would You Want to Move Properties?

Maybe you were one of the early adopters of Google Analytics over 10 years ago, and since then you’ve added different versions of your accounts for the same website. Previously, properties were fixed to the account they were created in. Now that you can move properties from one to another, simplifying your accounts is now easier than ever.

The Impact on Marketers

This is great news. If you were previously stuck with an agency who had your property under their account, you can now reclaim ownership! With the new year just around the bend, take this time to organize and simplify any properties that are in multiple locations or old/inactive accounts to the most recent iteration. You can now also group properties to better organize within your account. Reporting within Google Analytics and Analytics 360 is easier now that you don’t need to waste time and effort pulling reports across multiple accounts for different properties. With the ability to move and house all in one it definitely removes the headache that we all faced before.