SEO Tip – Introducing Google Similar Items Search

Have you ever browsed through Google Images and found a picture of a model or celebrity wearing a dress or a jacket that you want? Did you then try to search for a dress in that same print, or for a jacket in that same style, but been unsuccessful? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, today is your lucky day!

Introducing Google Similar Items
Using Machine Vision Technology, Google now lets you search “Similar Items” on both mobile web and Android Search app to find similar products to those in image search.

Machine Vision Technology can differentiate between the various accessories within an image, and show you similar items online.  You can find apparel and even accessories like handbags, shoes, and sunglasses.

Now, by running a “Similar Items” image search on our printed dress, Google returns dresses almost identical to the dress worn by the model or celebrity. You can see the item, price, where to purchase it, and even more items like it, within Google image search! Hours and hours of searching can be alleviated by running a “Similar Items” search.

What about retailers?
If you’re a retailer, simply add product metadata and to your product webpages to make sure your products show up in “Similar Items” searches and are more visible to interested viewers.

This step makes it easier for Google to find your product and match it up with the image search. It also allows users to quickly see information about your products without visiting your website right away.

Next, use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to make sure the product markup is formatted correctly. Make sure the host page for each of your products includes the name, image, price, currency, and availability meta-data.

By searching “,” within Google Images, you can view your product images, and see how they look to searchers.

So, if you see an image of a celebrity wearing a jacket similar to one you sell, make sure you follow these steps! Pretty cool, huh?

Google’s “Similar Items” search is a win-win. It makes it easier for consumers to find a product or accessory seen in a picture without the hassle of searching the web for it, and offers retailers an opportunity to capture attention and drive more searchers to their product pages.

  • Google Similar Items search sounds great for customers to buy similar products seen in an image. Really great way for retailers to improve their product visibility, thanks for sharing such interesting post.