Grocer offers David & Goliath story

David Grocer, a executive, is kicking off the third day of the Email Insider Summit with a keynote addressing behavioral targeting.

With Paper Style a small company, conference moderator Morgan Stewart of Trendline Interactive says Grocer will present Paper Style as a “David & Goliath” story. (Good line.)

Grocer is a former Procter & Gamble and Park ‘N Fly executive, who joined Paper Style, a family-owned online invitation retailer, about 18 months ago.

Paper Style has done email blasts and moving to upgrade personalization with its messaging.

What is behavioral targeting? Triggered emails (based on) an individual’s behavior.

On marketing automation, Grocer notes his company works with Whereoware. The agency has found that open rates and time spent on email and other metrics go up with automated targeted emails versus email blasts.

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