How Pharos Helps Marketing and E-com Teams Deliver Personal Customer Experiences

Today’s customers are empowered with endless product choices and alternatives.  Their buyer loyalty must be earned by delivering a personal and pleasant brand experience across channels.

According to Linkedin, 53% of customers are more likely to purchase when a brand personalizes its digital communication across channels. Similarly, Salesforce found that 52% of consumers are likely to switch brands if a company fails to deliver personalized interactions.

How do you achieve the level of personalization customers expect? Pharos by Whereoware equips Marketing and E-com teams with simple, but powerful tools to amplify and personalize their marketing efforts across channels, deliver proactive customer service, deepen customer relationships, and increase sales.

Pharos Product Suite

Marketing and E-com Teams Use Pharos To:

  • Get A 360˚ Customer View
  • Create Rich and Personal Digital Experiences
  • Deliver Proactive Customer Service
  • Connect Data Across Tools for Deep Business Insights
  • Sell More Online – Websites, Catalogs, + Marketplaces like Amazon
  • Build Mobile Responsive Emails Faster (without HTML code)
  • Be More Productive, Collaborative, And Effective

Personal, Proactive Marketing and Customer Service

Marketing and E-com teams need to understand their customers’ activity to target them with personal messaging. Too often, this data is captured in different tools and systems, making it nearly impossible to tie it together into a single view. 

Pharos CRM makes achieving a single, 360-degree customer view simple. By integrating with your website and ERP system, Pharos CRM lets Marketing and E-com teams understand their customers activity across channels, like recent product purchases (online or in the showroom/store), product searches, and abandoned carts.

They can even view customer service or call center issues and communicate with the warehouse or sales teams, without leaving the platform. This insight into a retailers’ interests, purchases, and challenges, gives Marketing and E-com teams a true, 360-degree customer profile to better personalize marketing and deliver pro-active customer service. 

Pharos CRM also captures trends, like popular product categories, that can be used to create more personal emails, promotions, or  content marketing. Once they’ve identified an email promotion or focus, Marketing and E-com teams use the Pharos responsive email builder Code Perfect to build responsive emails faster.

Code Perfect empowers busy Marketing and E-com teams to build responsive emails, without using HTML code. The simple tool lets marketers build emails like Lego building towers, by stacking email blocks on top of eachother, for endless combinations of email layouts and designs.

Code Perfect Email Tool Pharos Product Suite

All Code Perfect email blocks are pre-tested, responsive, and customized to be brand-specific, enabling Marketing and E-com teams to focus less on fixing broken emails, and more on email optimization and personalization across every device. 

Rich Product Experience

High quality product imagery and detailed descriptions sell products online, but it’s time intensive to deliver this rich product experience across every channel (websites, catalogs, and marketplaces, like Amazon and Wayfair). 

Product FastLane helps Marketing and E-com teams manage and share their product data and images from one centralized location, saving them tons of time and erasing data headaches. They can easily collaborate and update product descriptions and images to target individual channels (like Amazon vs. Wayfair vs. their website), and then painlessly share the updated listings with a click. 

Product FastLane PIM System Pharos Product Suite

Additionally, the Retailer Portal within Product FastLane lets vendors give retailers direct access to specific product information, ensuring that they’re supporting their retailers’ e-commerce sales, while controlling the product representation across every channel. 

Next, Marketing and E-comm teams take the enhanced product experience a step further with Pharos Web. Pharos Web is a simple website platform, built from Whereoware’s 18 years’ experience building B2B websites. 

Pharos Web

Out-of-the-box, Pharos Web includes the features B2B vendors need for a strong, product-focused e-commerce presence, like alternative product imagery and video, updated inventory, intuitive product categories and filters, and retailer portals. 

To extend that rich product experience to catalogs and sales presentations, Pharos Create is a digital catalog tool and visual order builder that integrates with the entire Pharos Suite. Pharos Create lets Marketing and E-com teams create attractive, interactive digital catalogs and customized product presentations and wishlists to elevate the traditional print catalog and sales presentation. 

Pharos Create

Test Drive Pharos at AmericasMart

Whereoware built the Pharos Suite to help busy Gift and Home marketers, e-com managers, sales teams, and executives enhance their digital presence, deepen customer relationships, and increase sales. Get started with one product, or buy the whole suite – each product shares data and integrates for greater power and control. 

This AmericasMart, get a demo of our new Pharos Product Suite: Building 2, 12th floor, Room 1230B. Can’t wait? Contact Us for a demo!