Video – Meet Pharos + See How the Gift Industry is Changing in 1.5 Minutes

The Gift and Home Industry is changing – what can you do to keep up? To stay competitive, buyers and vendors must transition their business from old world commerce to new world commerce – fast.

Meet Pharos – an affordable, mix-and-match product suite built to enable Gift and Home companies to amplify and personalize marketing efforts across channels, deliver proactive customer service, deepen customer relationships, and increase sales.

We built Pharos to help our Gift, Home, and Furniture clients modernize their business to meet elevated B2B sales expectations and thrive in the new digital sales environment.

How is the Gift and Home Industry Changing?

Before, Gift and Home buyers’ shopping options were limited to print catalogs, tradeshows, and sales reps. Sellers controlled the sales process. But today, buyers have endless shopping alternatives, thanks to websites and marketplaces like Amazon. Today, buyers control of the buying process more than vendors control the selling process.

Each year, more and more Gift and Home buyers are browsing and buying online. While web sales are consistently growing, reps and tradeshows still have the significant majority and play an important role. You need a plan for selling on all three channels.

But that’s not all. Today’s buyers also expect their sales reps to be “consultative” – knowledgeable and trusted advisors, who add real value to their business.

Pharos Is Your B2B Digital Solution

The Pharos Suite is your one-stop-shop to achieve both – an impressive and successful e-commerce experience and tools to help your sales reps become truly consultative.

Built specifically for B2B product companies, Pharos by Whereoware is a simple one-stop-shop to future-proof your business and delight today’s retailers. The best part? They’re all connected and more powerful together—sharing data so you can get the valuable 360-degree customer and business view you need.

Get started with one product or the whole suite. Learn more and see Pharos in action here.