Email Tip – Mystery Emails We Love

Is your interest piqued at the slightest bit of mystery? If your answered “yes,” the same goes for your audience.

Mystery emails are used to pique interest, add urgency, and increase open and click rates. There are many use cases for this- maybe you’re promoting a sale, or unveiling a new product or service. The same goes for all your other emails; the subject line, creative, copy, and call-to-action all play a role in getting the reader to click through to the landing page. In the case of mystery emails, you’re going to be vague and “tease out” what the landing page will reveal.

Subject lines for mystery emails don’t need to be totally alike, here are a few to get you started:
1. “Quick! Your mystery deal ends tonight!”
2. “Surprise, Nora! A Free Gift Just For You!”
3. “Shhh…”.
4. We’ve got a surprise for you….
5. Here’s a hint
6. We got you a little something

Subject lines and pre-header text are important to get the open, but ultimately you want your email reader to click through to the landing page. Use a GIF or bold imagery to follow through with the mystery and entice the reader to click the call-to-action to find out more or see their “personalized” deal.

Check out our favorite mystery emails in the gallery below to intrigue your readers for your next sale or sneak peek. (Click to enlarge and see any GIFs in action!)