Blog favorites: our top 3 blog posts of Q1 (2013)

thumbs up2Here at Whereoware, we’ve been signing clients, releasing websites, and churning out new campaigns like it’s our job (which, technically, it is!). In fact, it’s seems like it’s been a non-stop ride since Q1 started, and here we are, already a third of the way through Q2.

Before we put up any further blog posts, however, we’d like to pause to take stock of where this year has brought us so far.

Here are some of your favorite blog posts from first quarter 2013:

  1. Marketing automation case study: Paper StyleJanuary 17, 2013
    Our Paper Style wedding campaign was more than just a good move for the client – it’s proven to be a great example of targeted marketing automation in action. By isolating different customer types, grouping them into tracks, and then sending emails at staggered intervals based on visitor behavior, we were able to demonstrate what it means to let marketing automation tools work for you. Check out our whitepaper to see the details behind this successful campaign.
  2. Web tip: our 5 favorite e-commerce websitesJanuary 3, 2013
    We all like to shop, but these five websites offer something beyond just a price tag. With attractive web designs, user-friendly layouts, and up-to-date security and checkout features, these sites know how to knock the e-commerce experience right out of the park. In this guest post, our creative lead + front end developer Rochelle walks us through her favorite websites and explains how to spot the best of the bunch.
  3. Web tip: 4 tips to spruce up your home pageFebruary 25, 2013
    It’s time for spring cleaning – and we don’t just mean for your house and closets! Jump back to this popular post from February to learn about things you can do that’ll give your landing page that extra spark. With info on content, calls to action, imagery, and layout, we’ll have your site’s home page whipped into shape in no time. Get a move on!

This is just the beginning – we’ve got some great topics lined up for Q2. Stay tuned for more helpful tips + tricks on all things web design, marketing automation, Google Analytics and more!