Get Your 2017 Responsive Email Design Checklist

As promised, here is our 2017 Responsive Email Design Checklist.

Did you know that 51% of consumers unsubscribed from a brand’s email because their emails or website didn’t display or work well on their smartphone? We know you don’t want your audience to be part of this high percentage.

What’s more, 54% of email is now opened on a mobile device.

With more and more people using mobile devices to open their emails everyday, it is imperative that you keep up!

Get our Responsive Email Design Checklist to follow as you code your next email. If you’re still having trouble, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Download the checklist:

Pay-Per-Click Tip – How Mud Pie Generated a 954% Return on Ad Spend


Mud Pie is a B2B and B2C retailer of trendy and seasonal baby clothes, women’s apparel, gifts, home décor and more.


Mud Pie wanted to execute an omni channel marketing strategy for their annual Christmas Closeout sale.


Whereoware promoted the Christmas Closeout sale on Mud Pie’s website and in PPC and email campaigns.

Additionally, Whereoware developed a targeted Facebook advertising campaign, using both Facebook’s standard and retargeting ads. The successful campaign generated additional revenue from previously untapped sources.

The Facebook ads proved to be the second highest source of website traffic for the entire Christmas Closeout campaign, second to email. Even better – 70% of those website visits were new visitors.

See how Whereoware accomplished this task, along with more stats.

Mobile Email Design 101 Slides, Recording, + Checklist

Thank you to everyone who joined our webinar: Mobile Email Design 101. We hope you gained some mobile email design best practices to improve customer experience and increase conversions.

If you missed the webinar or need a refresher:

Review the slides   HERE

Watch the Webinar:

Download the checklist:

Local Event: Email Breakfast Workshop with IBM and Ferguson – September 19

Email drives more engagement and revenue than almost any other channel, but consistently designing and sending effective emails is tough.

Local digital agency Whereoware is partnering with Ferguson Enterprises and IBM to host a comprehensive, but intimate, email workshop to help you boost email performance, while streamlining your email process.

In this free breakfast workshop, learn everything from email basics, to email process, to advanced topics – and get back to your office before lunch. (See our speaker lineup below!)

You’ll get:

  • A blueprint of email optimization fundamentals (from subject lines to email layout, to calls-to-action, and more).
  • An under-the-hood look at how Ferguson Enterprises developed a practical and effective email process to streamline email creation from inception through deployment.
  • An overview of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and how email marketers can prepare for the future – presented by IBM Watson Marketing.

When: Tuesday, September 19
8:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Where: Whereoware HQ
14399 Penrose Place, Suite 450
Chantilly, VA 20151

Cost: Free!

One last thing — breakfast and coffee is on us!

Save Your Spot 

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Web Tip – How to Measure Statistical Significance of Your A/B Tests

This week, we welcome a guest post from our Digital Project Manager, Anna Pleshakova.

 Anna is responsible for behavior-driven email marketing campaigns and strategy for B2B and B2C clients and helping them navigate emerging digital trends. She also works on web development and data integration projects for clients.

As marketers, we always want to be testing to see what creative content fits our audience best. Is it a sneaky subject line that entices email opens? Or a particularly good call to action that gets the click on a landing page?

Multivariate, or A/B testing, is a great way to test and see what works and doesn’t. “Success” can be measured in numerous ways, but the results should be significant. If you’re scratching your head because we lost you at multivariate, read on to learn what A/B testing is and how you can measure the statistical significance of your tests.

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Email Tip – Mystery Emails We Love

Is your interest piqued at the slightest bit of mystery? If your answered “yes,” the same goes for your audience.

Mystery emails are used to pique interest, add urgency, and increase open and click rates. There are many use cases for this- maybe you’re promoting a sale, or unveiling a new product or service. The same goes for all your other emails; the subject line, creative, copy, and call-to-action all play a role in getting the reader to click through to the landing page. In the case of mystery emails, you’re going to be vague and “tease out” what the landing page will reveal.

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Behind the Glasses – Jack Hisky

Each month, we’ll be interviewing one of our fab employees here at Whereoware. For August, we get to know Jack Hisky, our Help Desk Support Specialist, a little better.


What’s your name?  John E. Hisky (Jack)
Job title:  Help Desk Support Specialist


Favorite food:   There isn’t much I won’t try! Italian, Hispanic, and Chinese food are at the top of my list.
Hidden talents:   I coach ice hockey at the youth and high school levels. I also enjoy chess, ping-pong, writing code, playing video games, and reading books and articles about technology, sports psychology, finance, politics, and data analytics.
If there were a movie of my life, I’d be played by:  Dave Franco – my girlfriend tells me I look just like him!
One item you would bring with you to a desert island and why: It’s a toss-up between my MacBook Pro and a book by Malcolm Gladwell or Robert Greene.
My earliest memory: Playing street hockey and baseball with my neighbors in Catonsville, Maryland!
In a zombie apocalypse, my weapon of choice would be: Running away? Hopefully I will never have to worry about this in real life.


Facebook or Twitter: Twitter.
iOS or Android:   iOS.
‘Nerd’ or ‘Geek’:   Either/or. “Computer boy” always makes me laugh too.
Star Wars or Star Trek?  Star Wars.

What’s the best part about working at Whereoware? 

The fun work environment, sense of comradery, and team are second to none. Not only do we all work hard for the company, but we also push each other to succeed and improve in our roles. Since my first day, I’ve felt like I was part of something bigger than myself.

Google Analytics Tip – Using Demographics and Interests Data to Develop Personas

Marketers use email and website personalization to deliver a hyper-relevant online experience to every customer, but succeeding with online personalization isn’t easy.

According to Evergage, 88% of marketers say their customers expect a personalized experience, while 55% admit the marketing industry isn’t personalizing to those standards.  What’s more, 46% of marketers would give their own company’s personalization efforts a “C” grade, or less.

Developing user personas is key to executing a successful personalization strategy. Personas, fictional representations of key audience segments, help marketers understand the needs and interests of their audience segments, so they can make their customer journey more personal and relevant.

To get started, we collect and analyze available data (both qualitative and quantitative) to understand what makes different audience segments tick, so we can group them within logical and actionable personas. Today, we’ll walk through how to use Google Analytics Demographics and Interests data (a free tool) to capture additional quantitative data to develop detailed personas.

(Already have your data? Get detailed steps on creating user personas and our handy persona worksheet here.)

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Webinar: Mobile Email Design 101

Today, more than half of emails are opened on mobile devices, yet too many marketers skip mobile design! That’s risky – Litmus found 51% of consumers have unsubscribed from a brand’s emails because their emails or website didn’t display or work well on their smartphone.

We’re helping even non-coders go mobile. Whereoware’s email design experts are hosting a free webinar: Mobile Email Design 101. We’ll simplify mobile and responsive email design, and teach you how to save time with templates.

Join us on August 23 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. and get ready to boost mobile email performance and subscriber experience whether you’re a code ninja or a beginner. 


In this webinar, you’ll learn: 
• Mobile-first vs. scalable vs. responsive design best practices
• Responsive email design steps and examples
• Intro to saving time and money with email templates

Dan Caro, Senior Director of Marketing Ops
Chris Grouge, Digital Marketing Manager