6 Tips for Meeting Gmail Deliverability Guidelines

According to Litmus, Gmail is the world’s most popular email client, with more than 1.5 billion global active users. As a result, Gmail is a leading email service provider that marketers can’t afford to overlook when it comes to inbox placement.

It’s essential for today’s marketers to follow Gmail’s ever-changing guidelines. If you aren’t mastering Gmail best practices, you could be losing opportunities to improve deliverability, boost campaign results, and effectively engage with a critical segment of your subscriber audience.

So what’s a marketer to do to ensure their messages aren’t getting flagged before they reach their Gmail customers? Read on to dive into fundamental tips for optimizing your email campaigns to meet Gmail’s latest deliverability guidelines and avoid their sophisticated spam filters.

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Lead Acquisition and Nurture with Acoustic Campaign

First impressions are everything, so lead acquisition and nurture is a defining element of any marketing strategy. Not only does lead nurture impact customer’s first impression of a brand, but it’s cost effective: companies that excel at lead nurture generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost.

With Acoustic Campaign, you can move leads through a sales funnel and make 1:1 connections that customers increasingly demand. From adding new contacts into your database, getting to know them while they get to know you, and keeping in touch with timely, relevant content, Acoustic Campaign has tools to support your strategy the whole way.

Let’s start with how Acoustic Campaign can make any marketer an expert at acquisition.

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Webinar Recap: SEO 2020 – Your Competitive Advantage

Thank you to all who joined us for our webinar, SEO 2020: Your Competitive Advantage.

In 30 minutes, we covered search engine optimization (SEO) basics, how COVID-19 is changing search behavior, and impactful steps you can take today to improve your search rankings and drive consistent, qualified traffic to your business.

Watch the recording below and download our checklist for five steps to get started with SEO today.

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The Changing Retail Landscape in the Time of COVID-19

Michael Mathias featured on Confessions of a Marketer Podcast

The impact of COVID-19 is bringing rapid change to the retail landscape. On the latest episode of Confessions of a Marketer, Whereoware CEO, Michael Mathias, joins creator and host Mark Reed-Edwards to examine the times we find ourselves in and the shifting world of retail. 

Tune in to the podcast episode, Retail in the Time of Corona, as they dive into the latest headlines, discuss how retailers can pivot their marketing strategy, and weigh in on what the post-pandemic world will look like.

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How to Maintain Business Continuity During a Pandemic

In these unprecedented times, companies are faced with pivoting business operations, reprioritizing marketing strategies, and refocusing customer outreach. How do you balance consumer sensitivity with remaining top-of-mind?

In an article published in Digital Commerce 360, Whereoware Director of Client Marketing, Faith Albers, shares actionable steps for developing and delivering a thoughtful business continuity plan.

Albers covers mindful marketing recommendations for effectively communicating your business’s COVID-19 response, sharing important operational updates and changes, and alleviating customer concern.

“This need to notify customers goes beyond COVID-themed emails; it requires putting a business continuity plan in place, so your customers are assured they can continue to rely on your products and services,” says Albers.

Read the full article for tactical tips and considerations for:

  • Providing meaningful incentives and flexibility
  • Crafting relevant messaging and value-adding offers
  • Ensuring your email marketing programs meet subscriber needs

Whereoware and Clients Featured in Marketing Textbook

Whereoware has been featured in the recently published Fifth Edition of Direct, Digital, and Data-Driven Marketing—a textbook for university-level marketing students written by Dr. Lisa Spiller of Christopher Newport University.

In the text, Dr. Spiller uses real-life examples featuring Whereoware clients, including Evergreen, Interlude Home, Mud Pie, and Sullivans. The series of client success stories detail the our unique expertise, in the areas of B2B customer acquisition, personalized buying experiences, and data-driven omni-channel marketing.

For more information on Dr. Spiller’s book, please visit Sage Publishing.

Whereoware at Home

Amid the chaos and uncertainty these days in response to COVID-19, the Whereoware team is actively navigating our client relationships from our very own cozy corners of the country—from the mid-Atlantic to the Midwest, New England to the deep South. We’re doing our part and practicing social distancing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay a tight-knit team.

From celebrating pajama day every day, to taking a few more snack breaks than usual (okay, a lot more), being comfy at home won’t interrupt our teamwork or our hustle.

As we get used to our new work spaces, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming some new types of “co-workers” to our team—some enjoy laying on our warm keyboards, while others like to stop and bark at the squirrels in the backyard. Other little ones are all about taking breaks for dance parties and some require the occasional diaper change. Sure, they can be a little unruly at times, but they keep us smiling and on our toes.

A cat desperate for attention
Picnic lunch during the all-staff meeting
Wally the dog laying on a rug
Amanda's lizard
Lemmy the cat playing peekaboo
Our little coworker
Puppy trying to distract it's owner
A cat who wants you to play and not work
Using mommy's office for homework
Puppy looking for attention
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Scaling Your Ecommerce Startup in the Age of Amazon

Ecommerce brands face stiff competition. How do you compete in the age of Amazon dominance?

In an article published in The Next Web, Whereoware CRO Joe Harris reveals how you can distinguish your business and deliver consistent, customer-centric experiences that impress.

“To survive and grow your business in this new environment, you don’t need to match Amazon’s prices and free shipping policy. Instead, focus on the customer and how seamless your online experience is, so they buy from you rather than elsewhere,” said Harris.

To rise above and stand out among your competitors, Harris shares actionable strategies for leveraging data to amplify the customer journey and customize the shopping experience to meet (and exceed) their needs.

According to Harris, the key to thriving in the tough market is to stay hyper-focused on offering real value, satisfying customer expectations with exceptional service, and converting visitors into loyal brand advocates.

To read the full article, visit The Next Web here.

Virtual Town Hall Recap: B2B Marketing During the Coronavirus

Thank you to all who joined us for our virtual town hall, focused on B2B Marketing During the Coronavirus: What Gift, Home, and Furniture Marketers Need to Know.

In 30 minutes, we covered actionable recommendations for your digital strategy, website, and marketing. We answered your questions on how to communicate thoughtfully while continuing to drive revenue and engagement across channels.

Watch the recording and download the two tactical resources to learn what can you do today and what should you do tomorrow, to successfully navigate these uncertain times.

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Tactics for Enhancing Website Search and Navigation

As digital commerce continues to evolve, standards for user experience are on the rise. Why? Technology that creates personalized, seamless customer experiences (CX) across channels keeps raising the bar.

In fact, in a survey of more than 8,000 B2C and B2B buyers around the world, 73% said just one really good experience with a company raises their expectations of other companies. That’s great news for companies who are already providing extraordinary experiences, but for the many that aren’t, this poses a new set of challenges.

One thing customers expect when visiting a company’s website is to find what they need—and fast. Whether they’re looking for a specific product, information on your service offerings, or user reviews to help them make a buying decision, ease of access is essential.

But many websites fall short when it comes to helping customers find what they’re looking for. Some even (unwittingly) make the process more difficult. We’re sharing tips for improving your website navigation and search to enhance user experience (UX) and stand out against the competition.

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