Marketing tip – Simplifying the IBM Marketing Cloud Roadmap

We had a great turnout for our June 22nd webinar: Simplifying the IBM Marketing Cloud Roadmap. (See the recorded presentation below.)

Our intention was to make the IBM Marketing Cloud (IMC) simple by walking through use cases for each tool. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? The thing is, IBM has been developing the IMC for some time now – adding new tools, revamping existing products, and integrating them together in awesome ways. All the moving parts are tricky to track.

Once you get the names straight, the powerful capabilities of the IMC are hard to beat. Together, they offer big and small-picture insights into customers’ activity and behavior across channels, so marketers can reach out at the right moment, via the right channel, and with a compelling message customers can’t resist.

Today, we’ll give you a quick recap of how each tool is used by busy marketers to supercharge their campaigns. Download our handout, above, to see estimates of the cost, availability, and level of effort to install each tool.

The IBM Marketing Cloud

Honestly, figuring out the product names and how they group together is one of the biggest hurdles to understanding the IMC. This is partially due to the fact that the IMC means two things: it’s used as an umbrella term for the full enchilada suite of tools reviewed in this post; and it’s also the name of the powerful marketing automation tool used for outbound marketing communications, formerly named Silverpop.

In this article, when referring to the IMC, we mean the tool that was formerly Silverpop.

IBM Marketing Cloud tool

The IMC is a powerful digital marketing automation platform that encapsulates email, SMS, mobile push, in-app messages, and social posts.

IBM Marketing Cloud Engage Email Builder

Whereoware’s team of 32 marketers are in this tool all day, every day. Whether you want to build a one-off email or a complex automated email program; create a single lead alert or a complex lead scoring model; target recipients based on location or based on real-time behavior; the IMC is where you’ll do it. It integrates with popular CRMs like, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM and a ton of other third-party tools.

Program Blueprints

A new addition to the IMC, Program Blueprints helps marketers build simple, effective programs faster with easy-to-follow frameworks. There are currently 10 pre-built templates to choose from for popular email campaigns like Welcome, Nurture, or Abandoned Cart.

The blueprints are not intended for complex, multi-step and multi-track programs, but they’re a great starting point for busy pros and IMC novices. Below, is an example of a program aimed at promoting an Event.

IBM Marketing Cloud Program Builder - Event Program

Mobile Push

If you have a mobile app, you need to take advantage of the IMC’s mobile push functionality. Send a timely, relevant push notification to your mobile app users to increase sales and engagement, while reducing churn. Mobile push is now part of IMC programs to enhance your omni channel outbound messaging for app users.


Similarly, SMS messages are added to programs to let you reach contacts everywhere they are. You do not need a mobile app to send SMS messages, although you do need your contacts mobile phone numbers.

Add SMS to your omni-channel campaign mix to reach today’s consumers who, let’s be real, are NEVER away from their phones! This is particularly important if you are trying to engage customers when they may be close to or inside your brick and mortar location.

Programs 2.0

Coming soon, Programs 2.0 will help you build multi-channel programs to automate your customers’ journeys. Collaborate by easily sharing your multi-channel programs with your teams in an easy-to-understand visual representation. Programs 2.0 is expected to be rolled out starting with the 16.2 release of the IMC.

Journey Designer

Journey Designer is part of today’s IMC (formerly Silverpop). It’s a visual storyboard to help you understand and integrate all of your many marketing campaigns.

IBM Journey Designer

Journey Designer helps you tackle omni-channel journeys and even takes into account online and offline events. Use it to collaborate with your team, schedule tasks, assign work requests, and measure overall campaign success. If you’d like access to Journey Designer, simply put in a request to your relationship manager for it to be added to your IMC instance.

Digital Analytics

In a nutshell, Digital Analytics is Google Analytics on steroids.

IBM Marketing Cloud Digital Analytics Screenshot

Unlike GA, Digital Analytics lets you analyze behavior and results on your website to the individual-level and makes those insights immediately actionable. You can break down your visitors into groups, retarget them with outbound messages, measure the days it takes them to convert, and then analyze this data to optimize results. Digital Analytics is part of the Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) suite of products.


Tealeaf, a tool that can be purchased solo or within CXA, acts as a security camera on your website.

With Tealeaf, you can replay your customers’ real experiences on your website – review what pages they looked at and in which order, see what they typed into your webforms and where they dropped off. These insights will help you course-correct any trouble areas on your site causing people to leave.

Journey Analytics

Journey Analytics helps you visualize the customer journey on both the segment- and individual-level across all of your marketing channels. Journey Analytics can tell you how many customers you have in each journey stream, track the revenue per path, and also tell you what the most common and most effective journey paths are.

Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX)

At its most basic, UBX is a data highway passing behavioral data between channels and making that data immediately actionable in real-time. UBX allows you to set up integrations and access data from 70+ partners across the web in a couple of clicks, without needing IT involvement.

Use UBX to create highly personalized retargeting campaigns in real-time, like session abandonment, cart abandonment, search abandonment, page visits, category visits, and more.

Customer Experience Analytics

Customer Experience Analytics combines Tealeaf, Digital Analytics, Journey Analytics,
+ UBX into a single user-friendly dashboard. By combining the powers of all these analytical tools, you’ll understand who your customers are, what their journeys look like, where they are in the customer lifecycle, and more.

Up Your Marketing Game with the IMC

Though we can’t promise the names or integrations won’t change again, today’s IMC tools help you monitor and make sense of your customers’ behaviors as they interact with your brand across channels.

For more information and examples, check out our webinar recording, below. If you’re interested in the cost, availability, and level of effort of each tool, download our summary graphic, above. Please reach out if you have any questions.