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Marketing automation tip: 5 ways to send emails like a pro

This week, we have a guest post from Whereoware Online Marketing Manager, Faith Albers. As point person for several client accounts, she has sent plenty of emails in her day. Here, she shares some tips on how to send emails like a pro:

faith1. See the big picture and try new things. Multiple clients across multiple industries means we have a wider perspective than we would if we just worked for one company. It allows us to pinpoint great ideas from one industry and modify them for another. You can do the same – see a great campaign from a furniture company, but you sell clothes? Borrow it and make it work for your company.

2. Employ a rigorous checking process. No one is perfect; mistakes happen. That’s why we check and double check that everything in our emails is correct, from the HTML to the execution settings. Make sure to use an email preview tool like Litmus that will allow you to see what your email will look like in every email client on the most popular browsers.

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