Whereoware & Creative Co-Op support independent retailers with innovative closeout email marketing campaign

WASHINGTON D.C., January 04, 2013 – Gift & Home company Creative Co-Op recently developed an innovative Closeout marketing campaign in conjunction with digital agency Whereoware. The campaign matches individual retailers with specific items they previously purchased, and gives them first choice when these items move to closeout. The timeliness, as well as a focus on personalized product recommendations, led to a 255% month-over-month increase in closeout items sold in the first month of the campaign.

The campaign stemmed from Creative Co-Op’s desire to maximize closeout revenue in a way that would also benefit its independent retail customers. Whereoware used behavior-based marketing automation to meet this goal. Emails are sent when a retailer’s purchase history matches items placed on closeout by Creative Co-Op. In order to target these individuals, the campaign scans sales data from retailers who have recently purchased product; if any of these purchases include items currently on closeout, an automated email is sent to notify the individual retailer that these products have now been moved to closeout.

Retailers shopping for Creative Co-Op products saw benefits immediately. The campaign’s targeted personalization meant that the retailers saw only items they previously purchased. The time constraint (90 days) ensured that they would receive these personalized reminders at a time when they most likely need to restock. Additionally, the campaign’s focus on closeout products meant that retailers got first access to familiar products at a cheaper price, while simultaneously lessening the competition they would face from discount stores buying closeout product at lower prices.

“The targeted Closeout campaign developed by Whereoware is truly unique,” Creative Co-Op Executive Vice President Lee Wang said. “We always put our customers first, and this program provides them with personal treatment with very little effort or cost on our part. The behavior-based nature of the campaign lets email recipients know that we view them as individuals with different interests, needs, and timing. Using an automated campaign that cross-references our own product data with their purchase history ensures that we can provide the best possible service for each and every one of our customers.”

The Closeout campaign continues to be a success for both Creative Co-Op and for its retailers. In addition to the big lift in closeout sales, 84% of items purchased from the campaign were non-closeout items. This email campaign seemed to be the perfect reminder retailers needed to return to Creative Co-Op, regardless of whether or not they were looking to reorder previously purchased items.

To read more about the structure and successes of Creative Co-Op’s Closeout campaign, get the two-page case study at: www.whereoware.com/CreativeCo-OpCaseStudy


About Creative Co-Op

Creative Co-Op designs, imports, and distributes home decorative accessories, gift, and seasonal categories for retailers around the world. The company was founded in 2001 and has extensive experience in offshore sourcing focused on design, workmanship, finishing and timely delivery.

Creative Co-Op is based in Memphis, Tennessee and has permanent showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Memphis. Additional information may be found at the company’s website, www.creativecoop.com.

About Whereoware

Whereoware is a web strategy, design, development and marketing company with experience implementing a large scope of marketing tactics and development services including: sales force automation, pay-per-click, SEO, mobile development, and CRM portals. Whereoware has been serving manufacturers in the Gift, Home and Lighting Industries for over 10 years. Founded by Gift and Home Industry veterans, Whereoware has unique insights into the complex operational and marketing challenges within the industry. It turns that expertise into smart solutions for today’s manufacturers.

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