Whereoware 2013 show survey reveals five key online trends in Gift and Home industry

WASHINGTON D.C., May 13, 2013 – Whereoware, an online strategy, design, development, and marketing company, recently released the results of a survey given to B2B Gift and Home vendors and retailers at the 2013 winter shows. With the addition of data from Whereoware’s own base of over 100 Gift and Home clients, some key patterns arose:

  1. Tablets: retailers prefer personal interaction – tablets can facilitate this process
  2. Email: targeted emails have high open rates, but most vendors are not sending
  3. Catalogs: retailers still want them, but most vendors still don’t use online shoppable catalogs
  4. Mobile: traffic + revenue are soaring, but vendors are slow to invest
  5. Social: a majority of vendors use social accounts, but devote only a few hours per week

See all the trends in an infographic here.

“The 2013 survey revealed quite a few trends emerging and developing online, which may help vendors plan for the rest of the year. For example, we found that mobile revenue has increased by an astonishing 265%. However, just 8% of vendors expressed a commitment to investing in mobile viewing/buying capabilities in 2013,” said Eric Dean, President of Whereoware. “Change was slow in other areas, as well – triggered, targeted emails continue to be the most effective mailings a company can send, yet not enough vendors are taking advantage of this.”

There was certainly good news to be found in the survey’s results, however. For example, 70% of retailers prefer interacting with sales reps in person rather than solely via email or phone. Recent tablet technology makes this much easier, and businesses have already begun to embrace this concept. In fact, 75% are already using or plan to incorporate these tools into their sales process over the next 12 months.

The survey’s data also revealed changes in social media. Many retailers are now using Facebook to interact with vendors; however, survey data revealed that half of vendors devote less than two hours a week to social media, potentially leaving many opportunities on the table.

“The 2013 Gift + Home survey really continues to drive home the point that technological innovation is accelerating in this Industry,” said Dean. “By embracing advances in technology, vendors can ensure that they are ready and able to meet retailers’ demands.”

See all the statistics in an infographic here.

About Whereoware

Whereoware is a web strategy, design, development and marketing company with experience implementing a large scope of marketing tactics and development services including: sales force automation, pay-per-click, SEO, mobile development, and CRM portals. ¬Whereoware has been serving manufacturers in the Gift, Home and Lighting Industries for over 10 years. Founded by Gift and Home Industry veterans, Whereoware has unique insights into the complex operational and marketing challenges within the industry. It turns that expertise into smart solutions for today’s manufacturers.

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