2020 MarTech Conference: UX Impacts SEO in 2021 Session Resources

We had a blast connecting (virtually) at this year’s MarTech Conference!

In our session, UX Will Be A Critical SEO Factor in 2021… How Can You Prepare Now?, Whereoware’s Analytics and Search Manager, Anna Yunker, shared actionable tips to align with Google’s new Page Experience, Core Web Vitals, and existing search signals.

It’s never too early to start preparing your website for this important change and protect your critical search visibility. Get the presentation slides and download the checklist to learn what updates you can make today, tips for building the right foundation for a superior user experience (UX), and best practices to optimize your content strategy.

Wondering how Google will rank your website’s experience? Be sure to download our step-by-step Page Experience Checklist to discover:

  • How to improve loading time across your images, videos, and text elements
  • How to enhance interactivity and react quickly to user’s actions, such as a click on a link or tap of a button
  • How to optimize visual stability to reduce unexpected layout shifts that make it difficult for users to click or read
  • How to master Google’s existing search signals, including: creating strong content, delivering a mobile-friendly experience, and establishing a safe, trustworthy, and secure website

Level Up Your Search and UX Success

While you can’t predict abrupt market changes and shifts in customer behavior, ensuring your business is highly visible in Google searches is one thing you can directly impact. Are you looking to ramp up your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts to drive conversions now and build long-term engagement?

Our team of SEO specialists is here to help you enhance your site’s accessibility, usability, and content to maximize search success. Get in touch to talk to a digital expert about amplifying your search marketing game plan.