Email Automation tip – 3 Ways To Reduce Unsubscribes

Marketing research firm MarketingSherpa found that most companies spend on average $20-$50 per lead. Yet, according to a study posted on, companies lose an average of 19% of their mailing list due to list churn. At such a high attrition rate, you can’t only focus on getting new email addresses, you must also maintain your hard earned leads. Follow our three tried-and-true techniques to keep your subscribers interested and minimize list churn.


A common email marketing mistake is over sending emails. It’s important to send emails frequently enough to keep subscribers active, but not so frequently that you’re annoying them. It’s a hard balance to reach, because there is no perfect number of emails to send per week – it differs from company to company and customer to customer. We suggest keeping an eye on opt-outs to identify when you may be over sending. If you see a sharp increase in opt-outs after sending an email three days in a row, try scaling back the following week to see if fewer email sends decreases opt-outs.

Another option is to take advantage of your marketing automation platform’s tools to help you balance timing. Many automation platforms feature Send Time Optimization (STO), which automates and spaces out email send time based on the time of day your subscriber is most likely to open an email.

If you fear you are losing subscribers due to over sending, try adding a snooze option. Snooze is added to your unsubscribe form and gives your readers the option to take a hiatus from receiving your emails for a specific amount of time, but does not unsubscribe them entirely. Taking advantage of the tools available in your platform can be a quick and easy way to ensure your subscribers stay happy.

Give subscribers control

Subscriber ControlEmpowering subscribers to customize their email preferences is advantageous to you both. Customers are in control of the types of emails they receive and how frequently they receive them, creating a better brand experience. You get to pinpoint an optimal email balance and target their interests.

A simple form can be used to create an email preferences page. Since this data is very valuable to maintaining your email list, we recommend sending out an email dedicated solely to encouraging your subscribers to fill out their email preferences. Send this email out at least once a year to remind users that they can update their preferences, and that your company cares about their wants. Using this explicit data means you are sending only the information your users are interested in, which means your subscribers will remain engaged.

Relevant with DataBe more relevant with data

Leverage behavior-driven data to engage your subscribers on a more personal level. Track preference-indicative behaviors, like clicking a link, opening an email, visiting a site page, downloading a document, or placing an item in a shopping cart. Identify individual patterns and preferences, and use that data to create targeted personalized emails that are relevant to your subscribers’ interests. By continually delivering relevant emails you will dramatically reduce unsubscribe rates.


From tricks like using STO to marketing strategies like behavior driven personalization, there are many techniques to limit turnover in your mailing list. By delivering the most relevant content to the right person at the right time, you’ll keep your customers interested, minimize list churn, and maintain a healthy, well-managed database.