Marketing automation tip: 5 Silverpop programs to implement today

Automated targeted campaigns that work:We recently spoke at the 9th Annual Silverpop Summit about the ‘5 Programs to Implement Today.’  Find a copy of the entire presentation below.  Download the complete how-to guide:  5 Silverpop Programs to Implement Today (.pdf, 2.68 MB)
Welcome Campaign Example

Simply defined, automated targeted campaigns are emails that are directed to a specific group of people and are triggered based on a set of rules or criteria. The most classic example of this is the ‘Welcome’ campaign. It is sent to those who have just registered to receive your emails and is triggered off of that registration date.

We love automated targeted campaigns because we know they work! We have completed hundreds of these campaigns for clients over the years and have found huge increases in effectiveness when compared to normal blast mailings.

For instance, we’ve observed the following differences when comparing automated mailings against normal mailings:Automated Targeted Mailings Graph

  • 33% increase in open rates
  • 37% increase in click-through rates
  • 22% increase in average time on site
  • 31% increase in order conversion rate
  • 22% more spent per purchase on average

We know these campaigns are effective and efficient.  We’re extremely proud to partner with Silverpop, one of the leaders in marketing automation, in a how-to guide for five great targeted automated campaigns:

  • Welcome
  • Super Opt-In (SOI)
  • Abandoned Cart
  • We Miss You
  • Time Sensitive Sale

What more are you waiting for? Dive in and get started!

Fish GogglesThe entire guide:

5 Silverpop Programs to Implement Today (.pdf, 2.68 MB)

By individual campaign:

Check out our entire presentation from the 9th Annual Silverpop Summit: