Email Tip – 6 Steps to Streamline Email Creation Checklist


According to Monetate, “email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel, including search and social.” So what’s stopping you from sending that winning email to drive sales or promote an event you’re hosting?

Email marketers have too much on their plates. A recent study by Litmus found that marketers at large companies (500 or more employees) have 12 emails in production at any given time on average, while marketers at smaller companies have 8 emails. That’s a lot to manage.

Avg. Number of Emails in Production

Emails have also become more complex – with the difficulties of rendering emails on multiple email clients and devices, in addition to tricky coding needs. Litmus also found that 49% of brands spend weeks producing a single email. This is largely due to the increased demand for more emails, as well as the need for all emails to be mobile responsive.

Avg. Email Production Cycle

If you’re a busy email marketer, have no fear. Follow our 6 Steps to Email Creation Checklist to help streamline the process, ensure your email has value, and combat these challenges.

Step 1: Define the Goal

Identify and assess your email’s goal. Consider your target audience, determine the desired action you want them to take, and how you’ll measure its success.

Step 2: Gather Requirements

Compile all the essential nuts and bolts of your email. Determine the message, must-have information, the call-to-action, and where you’re linking your CTA. Gather your visuals and the data needed to send the email.

Step 3: Take a Step Back

Evaluate how you can make the email more personal and engaging. Is your audience segmented strategically? Are there any behavioral triggers you can apply to better target? Make sure to personalize the message’s landing page.

Step 4: Design

Nail down a headline that grabs the readers’ attention and a call-to-action that’s compelling. Only incorporate images that support the copy and include your contact information and logo. Last, but certainly not least, design for all screen sizes—both large and small.

Step 5: Build

Use live text whenever possible and verify that your call-to-action is foolproof. Include alt text on all images, as well as links to your preheader, logo, CTA and visuals. Don’t forget to build for mobile and add analytics tracking.

Step 6: Test

Finally, test both the text and HTML email. Check the logic, spelling and dates. Confirm that you included the must-have information and that all personalization, promo codes, buttons, etc. are working.

Congrats! You’re ready for the grand finale. Send or schedule your quality assured email!

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