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Google analytics tip: user permission updates

The Google wizards have done it again! You now have greater control over what users can access and manipulate within your account. Google Analytics user permissions were updated with important changes: you can set user permissions at the account, property, and view levels, and you have more options of the types of access you can grant. These improved user permission settings ensure every employee, teammate, and vendor is granted a granular viewpoint of exactly the information they need to help you grow your business. Continue reading.

Web tip: 5 strategies to increase website lead capture

Does your website lead generation process feel like throwing noodles at a wall, hoping they’ll stick? Do you struggle to improve lead volume and quality? Today’s blog post outlines five strategies to increase quality lead capture on your website. Remember, small tweaks equal huge gains!

Create great content

Great website content nurtures lead relationships by persuading shoppers to click through your site pages, e-mails, or web forms. These incremental opt-ins provide better information about your lead, while helping them build a relationship with your brand, increase their comfort level, and make purchases. New content can be in the form of deals and discounts, customer testimonials, How To articles, case studies – the sky’s the limit!

How do you know if your content is great? Review your data to see which pages people are clicking on or bouncing from. The analytics information will suggest opportunities to update current content to be more compelling (pages with a high bounce rate) or add additional content (on popular pages) to persuade site visitors to stay. Digging through the data is a great way to get an unbiased opinion on which direction your content should take.

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In Our Words: Whereoware Wins ICON Honors

Leave it to Whereoware President Eric Dean to find just the right words to share the excitement and gratitude we felt winning an award for Innovative Technology Applications at the 2013 ICON Honors gala July 11.  As always, we are proud to deliver our customers exceptional results.

Our winning email closeout campaign for Creative Co-op was designed to move excess inventory profitably through a more personalized approach to retailers. By targeting product data, Creative Co-op personalized e-mail campaign had a 75% higher conversion rate than any other visit to their website and is collecting continuous revenue. Results showed that not only were site visitors purchasing discontinued items targeted through the campaign, but they were also filling their carts with new, full-priced items.

Hear more about our award winning email program with Creative Co-op in Whereoware President Eric Dean’s words.

Check out our fearless leader’s acceptance speech at the 2013 ICON Honors gala.

Industry Online Benchmark

Get your FREE copy of the
online benchmark today!

Curious how your online business measures up to your peers?

Whereoware compiled data from our home décor, lighting, and furniture customers to provide an industry benchmark of major online indicators you should be tracking, such as:

  • % of total customers that visit your website
  • % of total customers that order online
  • % of total sales that are completed online

Scout Limited, Inc. unveils new websites for its brands

Park Designs and Split P launch new sites

Scout Limited, Inc. partnered with Whereoware to launch two newly redesigned websites for each of its brands: Park Designs a leading wholesale source for home and kitchen textiles, decorative accessories, and lighting and Split P a line driven by the latest trends in color and pattern creating exclusive designs for tabletop and home decor. and

The new Park Designs and Split P websites make it easier for retailers to shop by using a top navigation bar that places products into intuitive categories. Filters such as color, occasion, and pattern help retailers narrow down large product categories into product groupings specific to individual retailers’ needs. Consumers can now view products, find local retailers and contact them directly.

“Creating a better, more intuitive shopping experience for our retailers and supporting their selling effort was our top priority,” said Marty Metzler, President of Scout Limited, Inc.
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Google analytics tip: save time with dashboards

As a Google Analytics user you know your way around reports and the many ways they make your life easier (see Google analytics tip: getting started with custom reports). We know you’re busy so we’re going to help save you time with Google Analytics dashboards.

Google analytics dashboardsGoogle Analytics - dashboard

Conveniently, Google has created a standard dashboard to help you get started. On the left hand side navigate to Dashboards>Private>My Dashboard.

When you look in the main content area you’ll see something similar to the screenshot below. Continue reading.

Behind the glasses: Jay Beutler

Each month, we’ll be interviewing one of our fab employees here at Whereoware. For August we get to know Jay Beutler, our Director of business development, a little better.

BTG - Jay BeutlerWHO:
What’s your name?  Jay Beutler
Job title:  Director, business development


Favorite food:  Sushi!
Hidden talents:  Well, I can eat a crazy amount of sushi in one sitting. Also, I am really good at getting my one-year-old son to fall asleep quickly when it is nap or bedtime… that impresses my wife!
What’s your ideal dinner party guest list:  Master Yoda, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. It would be fun and educational to chat with Yoda while watching Luke and Darth battle with light sabers! It would be great if we could also have steak for dinner and mini light sabers instead of steak knives. Sushi for appetizers? Sorry, I’ll stick with answering the questions.
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Marketing automation tip: Gmail changes impact email marketing campaigns

You may have heard the buzz lately about the changes to Gmail. Or maybe you’re one of the millions of Gmail users who’s seen the switch in your own Gmail account. Three tabs are now visible where before you only had your inbox stream.

Gmail promotions tab

What this means for you

The major impact is that any emails you send that Gmail deems ads or promotions are sent to the Promotions tabs. This includes nearly all emails sent from an email service provider (ESP).

Someone at MailChimp did an analysis and posted it on their blog (How Gmail’s New Inbox Is Affecting Open Rates, July 23,213) and found that “before the tabbed layout, open rates to Gmail had been above 13% for 15 weeks. And after, open rates stayed down for 3 consecutive weeks.” To make sure he got a true indication of the results, he accounted for seasonal trends and did the analysis after the initial buzz died down following Google’s May 22, 2013 announcement. Continue reading.

Google analytics tip: using secondary dimensions

womain with magnifying glassWe gave you a sneak peek into Google Analytics dimensions and one way to use them in our Google analytics post: getting started with custom reports. Now that you have a handle on the basics, we know you’re eager to learn more ways to turn your Google analytics data into actionable information.

Say hello to secondary dimensions!

This feature is available in just about every report from the Secondary dimension dropdown menu which is just above your first column of data.

Filling in blanks with a secondary dimension

According to Google, “The Secondary Dimension feature allows you to define a primary dimension and then view that data by a secondary dimension within the same table.”

Well that’s a mouthful! Let’s translate it into English for you. Primary dimension is a fancy way of saying the main focus of the report. So whatever you select from the left sidebar navigation menus is your primary dimension. The secondary dimension is simply an additional piece you select for a more granular view of your report data. Continue reading.

Behind the glasses: Syed Ali Shah

Each month, we’ll be interviewing one of our fab employees here at Whereoware. For July we get to know Syed Ali Shah, one of our Software architects, a little better.

Syed Behind the GlassesWHO:

What’s your name?  Syed Ali Shah
Job title:  Software Architect


Favorite food:  Goat Karahi with bread. It’s a goat curry cooked with tomatoes, Pakistani spices, hot green chiles and butter – delicious!
Hidden talents:  I can wake up, perform a task and then go back to sleep without any effort. That’s good if you have kids.
In a zombie apocalypse, my weapon of choice would be:  I would become invisible so that no Zombie can ever infect me.
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