B2B Marketers Must Be Nimble for Online Holiday Strategy

Originally published in Digital Commerce 360.

The global COVID-19 crisis has led to dramatic economic shifts and an upheaval of the retail landscape, leading to uncertainty around the 2020 holiday season.

In Digital Commerce 360, Whereoware CEO Michael Mathias shares strategies for B2B marketers to start thinking creatively and prepare for changing tides.

Mathias encourages marketers to:

  • Don’t Assume—Dive Into Your Data: Review recent campaign performance to see what resonates with your audience and see how product category sales have changed. Take these themes and popular products and tailor your holiday themes around them.
  • Take Your Showroom Online: Get creative when transforming your in-person showroom into a customer-centric virtual experience, and get your sales team involved. Remember that the work you put in to developing a user-friendly and intuitive virtual showroom will benefit the whole team year-round. Elevate it with enhanced product details and imagery.
  • Develop Creative and Contextual Promotions: Think through the context of trends and themes. Last year’s gift-giving guides and curated collections will need to be updated to reflect the “new normal,” as well as changing customer preferences and needs.
  • Get Self-Involved: Pay attention to what is catching your eye. Whether its a theme, copy, design, interactivity, or a dozen other tactics, you can apply the best of what you are experiencing into your holiday promotional plan.

To read the full tips for developing a creative and compelling holiday marketing strategy, visit Digital Commerce 360.