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5 Non-Intuitive Ways to Grow Your Marketing Career

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Originally published in Authority Magazine.

Whereoware’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Mathias, was interviewed by Authority Magazine as part of the Marketing Strategy Series, where marketing professionals at the top of their game share their insight and advice on growing your marketing career.

Mathias shares from his experience non-intuitive ways to grow in the marketing industry.

When asked for what advice he would give marketers to thrive and avoid burnout, Mathias’ advice is twofold:

“On the agency or supplier side, don’t ever stop talking to your clients,” says Mathias. “As a service provider, you can talk yourself into so many things that aren’t pertinent or real (shiny object syndrome), but nothing creates focus like the tangible needs of your clients. Anchor your growth roadmap on what’s best for your clients.”

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WOW Women in Leadership: Meet Teya

Wow Women in Leadership

Whereoware is proud to have a majority woman workforce, particularly in the male-dominated tech industry. We’re recognizing our WOW women and their achievements in both tech and leadership, and sharing their thoughtful insight for the next generation of women in the workplace.

In this edition of WOW Women in Leadership, meet Teya Tuccio-Flick, Partner & Executive VP of Operations at Whereoware.

Teya Tuccio-Flick, Partner & Executive VP of Operations at Whereoware

How has your background prepared you for success in the industry?

I started off as an electrical engineer, but soon after I started working, I realized that engineering wasn’t quite the right fit for me. I went back to school to get my MBA and to pivot my career into business.

Nevertheless, I carry through a lot of the problem solving skills and data processing from my first career into the agency life. That mix between engineering and business has served me well, allowing me to make wiser and more informed decisions along the way.

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Whereoware at Home

Amid the chaos and uncertainty these days in response to COVID-19, the Whereoware team is actively navigating our client relationships from our very own cozy corners of the country—from the mid-Atlantic to the Midwest, New England to the deep South. We’re doing our part and practicing social distancing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay a tight-knit team.

From celebrating pajama day every day, to taking a few more snack breaks than usual (okay, a lot more), being comfy at home won’t interrupt our teamwork or our hustle.

As we get used to our new work spaces, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming some new types of “co-workers” to our team—some enjoy laying on our warm keyboards, while others like to stop and bark at the squirrels in the backyard. Other little ones are all about taking breaks for dance parties and some require the occasional diaper change. Sure, they can be a little unruly at times, but they keep us smiling and on our toes.

A cat desperate for attention
Picnic lunch during the all-staff meeting
Wally the dog laying on a rug
Amanda's lizard
Lemmy the cat playing peekaboo
Our little coworker
Puppy trying to distract it's owner
A cat who wants you to play and not work
Using mommy's office for homework
Puppy looking for attention
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Whereoware’s Pie-A-Partner Fundraiser Event

CSR Presents the Pie-A-Partner Fundraiser

Whereoware celebrated April Fool’s Day with a Pie-A-Partner special fundraiser to support local food pantry, Dulles South Food Pantry.

Presented by Whereoware’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee, the event encouraged our WOW employees to donate money to the jar belonging to the Partner they hoped to get smashed. The Partner jar with the most dough at the end of the donation period was the target for the pie-in-the-face throwdown.

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Whereoware March Events Recap

Whereoware had an eventful March, jammed full of exciting company events, speaking engagements, and more. See how we kept busy below.

Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Roundtable

Senior Digital Strategist Erin Alemdar participated in a roundtable hosted by the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority. Alongside local young professionals, Erin shared her insights into the Northern Virginia talent and career options, and why she chooses to live and work in Fairfax. Check out Erin and her fellow panelists!

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Whereoware October Events Recap

Whereoware had an eventful October jammed full of exciting company successes, festivities, parties, and more. Check out a recap of all the award-winning and action-packed activities our WOW family enjoyed!

2018 Timmy Awards

Hip, hip, hooray! Whereoware won the DC Best Tech Work Culture Award at Tech in Motion’s 4th Annual Timmy Awards! We couldn’t be more proud of our talented geek-chic team, and the fun, diverse, and innovative culture we celebrate every day.

Learn more about the Timmy’s and our shiny new trophy!

2018 Timmy Awards
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Whereoware Wins a 2018 Timmy Award for DC’s Best Tech Work Culture

We’re excited to share Whereoware WON the 2018 Timmy Award for the DC Best Tech Work Culture! The competition was fierce with more than 60 local Timmy Award nominations and nine other finalists in our category.

We’re excited to be recognized as a leader in Washington DC’s technology industry for our smart and playful corporate culture. We’re proud of the fun, diverse, and inventive employees we celebrate each and every day.

2018 Timmy Awards
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2018 DC DogFest Walk ‘N Roll

This October, Whereoware was a local partner for the 5th Annual DogFest Washington DC Walk ‘N Roll to benefit Canine Companions for Independence (CCI)! The event raised over $68,000 in funds to support CCI’s mission to provide expertly trained service dogs to change the lives of individuals living with disabilities.

DogFest DC celebrates the community of people and dogs that make it possible for Canine Companions to place assistance dogs with children, adults, and veterans free of charge.

Furry friends and families of the greater DC metro area joined together to trot for a great cause at the Reston Town Center in Reston, VA.

DogFest 2018
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