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Why Your Culture of Digital Experimentation is Failing

Originally published in CMS Wire.

As marketers, we’re no stranger to experimentation. Putting varying campaigns and strategies into place to see what’s working and what’s not is just another Tuesday in the office.

What we could all improve upon is marrying digital experimentation with company culture, which can often fog up maximizing your efforts and seeing a real return on investment. 45% of decision-makers invested in experimentation last year, but are they seeing real results?

Read on to learn four common mistakes companies make when investing in experimentation and how you can avoid them.

1. Executive Thumbs-Up

One of the biggest hurdles to surpass is from the top. That’s right, executive decision-makers honing in on an old-school mindset that further silos their teams and causes stagnant growth.

Failing is a part of the process, failing is fine, you need to fail to be able to pivot and make better decisions. A failed experiment is a lesson learned, after all. There’s a taboo surrounded by this concept that needs to be broken down, but that starts at the top and with a shift in mindset.

Instead of fearing failure, embrace it. Let your teams experiment on everything from web design, layout, copy, messaging, themes – there’s no end! Learn from what works and apply it to future endeavors, and tailor or shift what doesn’t.

Encourage experiments and simplify the brainstorm-to-approval process. Removing corporate bottlenecks is crucial to seeing any experimentation success.

2. Strategic Framework is Key

Experimentation without goals and a consistent framework is for the birds. How can you move forward and make the best decisions for your company without purposeful data at your fingertips?

Ensure you have your goals, audience segments, key performance indicators, and transparent next steps ready to go. There is a time and a place for throwing caution at the wind and spaghetti at the wall, but it must be grounded in goals and data.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Dive in

Hesitancy will arise. When you’re in the process of shifting your… process, it’s hard not to let gut instinct take over, but try and resist. Bear in mind, it’s about optimizing from the lessons you learn during these experiments to continue driving incremental improvements.

Dive in and keep learning, iterating continuously to reap the rewards.

4. Demolish Team Silos

Experimentation isn’t just for your marketing team. When shifting your culture to this degree, you’ll want to pull in other teams to make sure the changes you’re making are also improving other operational areas.

Encourage open dialogue, a shared knowledgebase, and constant feedback to ensure silos are actively being broken down for the betterment of your teams and the company as a whole.

Experimentation is The Future

Digital Experimentation is here to stay. Aside from the obvious benefits of improving the accuracy of your strategic decisions, experimentation improves the customer and team experience.

That’s a win in our book. Check out the full article in CMS Wire and contact us with any questions on Digital Experimentation!

Google Says No More Third-Party Cookies? 4 Strategies to Keep Your Marketing from Crumbling

Photo of a cookie with the Google logo on it.

Originally published in IndustryWeek.

Data and marketing go hand-in-hand; this crucial pairing ensures marketers target the right audience with the right content and make strategic decisions.  

Yet, there’s an increasing spotlight on data collection practices and privacy, with more and more customers voicing their discomfort.  

2019 Pew Research study concluded that 81% of people feel as if they have no control over how their data is collected, and 79% are concerned with how companies are using it.  

 Google, for one, is listening to their concerns.  

At the time of publication, Google announced that they would be ending third-party cookie tracking on all of their ad networks and Google Chrome in early 2020, with no plans to replace tracking technology (the change has since been pushed back to mid-2023). 

While this seems like a noble path, Google will continue tracking using first-party data (data you’ve entered into their own products, like YouTube). 

So, how do marketers adapt to a world, sans cookies? 

  1. Maximize your first-party data. It’s a no-brainer that providing value is the best way to boost customer loyalty, and in turn, continue to gather critical first-person data with consent during a query.  Email sign ups, preference centers, special birthday/anniversary offers, loyalty programs, special demos, or downloadable content can give value to customers, while helping you gather additional datapoints (email addresses, preferential data, etc.). 
  1. Focus on the long-term goal of customer loyalty and understand how important garnering and retaining this loyalty is. Build a plan to nurture and grow a loyal customer base, in turn, stacking valuable data that your customers are happy to give.  
  1. Explore email segmentation and preference centers to drill your customer base down and personalize email sends based on your customers’ interests. Launching personalized marketing touchpoints drive customer loyalty and conversions.  
  1. Tailor your content and ads based on keyword search to win in this new cookie-less world. Contextual advertising is a great tactic to try when strategizing around these new updates, allowing marketers to target users based on the theme of the webpage. 

Dive into more strategy ideas on how to navigate in our third-party cookie-less world by reading the full article, here

Whereoware Strengthens Digital Strategy and Campaign Services with Strategic Hire

Lynne DeRoché Joins as Vice President of Strategic Solutions

Whereoware, an award-winning full-service digital agency, is strengthening their digital strategy and campaign services offering with the new addition of Lynne DeRoché as Vice President of Strategic Solutions. DeRoché will lead and mentor Whereoware’s media, creative, delivery and digital strategy teams, responsible for rigorous strategic planning, data-driven digital roadmaps, continuous optimization, and measurable achievement of client acquisition, retention, and maximization goals.

Our clients rely on us to guide them through the ever-changing digital landscape. We’re thrilled to add an executive of Lynne’s caliber and experience to lead our team of strategists and marketers activating 360-degree digital roadmaps to drive continuous growth for our clients in 2021.” said Whereoware CEO Michael Mathias.

DeRoché brings over two decades experience in both traditional and online marketing. Most recently, DeRoché was Vice President, Digital & Social Marketing, for Marriott International, where she focused on introducing industry-leading capabilities and standardizing social and digital marketing practices across 30 hotel brands and the Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program. While at Marriott, DeRoché also led global marketing efforts for Marriott Rewards, and defined the company’s approach to online performance marketing as Vice President, Digital Acquisition Marketing.

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Cuisinart Wins Big at 2020 MarCom and dotCOMM Awards

Two Platinum Awards for Personalized Marketing Campaign and Gold Award for New Data-Driven Website, Built by Whereoware

Cuisinart, a division of the Conair Corporation, earned two honors at the 17th annual 2020 MarCom Awards for their new website and a personalized marketing campaign for their AirFryer product. Separately, the AirFryer email campaign also won a 2020 dotCOMM Award. Both the website and marketing campaign were built and activated by full-service digital agency Whereoware.

MarCom is among the largest, most-respected international creative competitions worldwide. With over 5,000 entries received this year from the United States, Canada, and 28 other nations, the prestigious competition celebrates outstanding achievement in marketing and communications. Likewise, the global dotCOMM Awards reviewed more than 2,000 submissions, distinguishing excellence in web creativity and digital communication.

“We’re honored to be recognized by the MarCom and dotCOMM community for our customer-centered website and digital marketing campaign,” said Mary Rodgers. “The awards are a testament to the high-quality digital services delivered by our agency partner Whereoware to consistently drive our digital transformation.”

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Whereoware Appointed to Episerver Partner Advisory Board to Help Drive Strategic Growth

The Exclusive Partner Advisory Board Collaborates with Episerver Early and Often  

Episerver Platinum Partner Whereoware has been named to the Partner Advisory Board (PAB) of Episerver™, the customer-centric digital experience company. Episerver’s PAB is an exclusive set of Episerver partners selected to advise Episerver on product strategy, market intelligence and overall go-to-market strategy. Whereoware has been selected based on its extensive knowledge of Episerver’s portfolio, the key market demands driving customer adoption of digital marketing technologies and a broad understanding of the needs of a variety of key industries.

Whereoware offers more than 20 years of experience as a full-service digital agency, driving smart growth for clients through digital marketing strategy and activation. Whereoware is a two-time Episerver Partner of the Year, and five-time award-winner for Episerver Commerce and CMS websites. Whereoware differentiates its Episerver practice through:

  • Full-service solutions from project inception through ongoing strategy, support, optimization, and marketing of a client’s Episerver website – ensuring it successfully and continuously drives business objectives, user needs and expectations, revenue, and conversions.
  • Successful implementations across Episerver’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP), for diverse clients spanning B2B manufacturing, retail, consumer package goods, furniture, financial services, health, insurance, sports and recreation, and more.
  • In-house teams (website and mobile development, marketing, creative design, user experience (UX) optimization, SEO/PPC, analytics, project management)
  • 100% backend developers certified on Episerver Content Cloud
  • Pioneers in multi-channel online personalization

Most recently, Whereoware launched a new website on Episerver’s DXP for long-time customer, Cuisinart, a division of the Conair Corporation, and built and designed two new websites hosted on DXP for Yamaha WaterCraft Group: and

“Whereoware is honored to serve on the Episerver Partner Advisory Board, joining our distinguished industry peers,” said Joe Harris, Chief Revenue Officer at Whereoware and their representative on Episerver’s Partner Advisory Board. “We are excited to share our extensive Episerver experience and lessons learned from hundreds of website and marketing projects to drive continued success for Episerver customers.”

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Yamaha Continues Digital Transformation with New Websites and Mobile Apps

Coinciding with their 2021 product launch, Yamaha WaterCraft Group launched redesigned websites for and and two integrated mobile applications, both built by Whereoware, a full-service agency driving smart growth for clients through digital marketing strategy and activation.

The immersive online experiences guide customers through a personalized buying journey, furthering Yamaha’s digital transformation ambition of selling a lifestyle, not just a product.

The new websites, built on the powerful Episerver Digital Experience Platform, feature bold design and an elevated user experience (UX). Streaming video, animations, and high-quality photography show off every angle of the boats and WaveRunners®, helping users visualize themselves out on the water. Streamlined content makes it easy to compare different models within a series and download specs, while selecting the “Share” feature lets users email product pages to friends and family, without leaving the website.

“By partnering with Whereoware, we deliver an engaging online experience that closely connects our customers to Boats and WaveRunners that elevate their on the water lifestyle. With the 2021 WaterCraft launch, the new websites and apps celebrate the phenomenal interest and demand in our products and guide customers down the path to purchase, while streamlining the sale for our dealership partners.” said Andrew Cullen, Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing and Communications, Yamaha WaterCraft Group.

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Cuisinart Embraces Digital Transformation with New E-Commerce Website, Built by Whereoware

New website adds direct-to-consumer e-commerce sales and supports retail partners

Cuisinart, a division of the Conair Corporation, launched the new a data-driven e-commerce website, built by award-winning full-service digital agency Whereoware. (Whereoware is also Cuisinart’s agency for data optimization and email marketing services.)

The website replatform drives business growth for retail partners, while advancing Cuisinart’s long-term goals for digital transformation, customer journey optimization, and direct-to-consumer sales.

“We are so grateful to have partnered with Whereoware on our website launch. The new website is heavily data-driven, with over a dozen complex integrations, and Whereoware successfully completed the project in just six months,” said Mary M. Rodgers, Director of Marketing Communications for Cuisinart.

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Whereoware Earns Episerver Platinum Partnership

To Earn Distinction, Whereoware Has Satisfied Premium Sales, Training, Certification and Specialization Requirements from Episerver

Whereoware, an award-winning, full-service agency driving smart growth for clients through digital marketing strategy and activation, today announced it has been certified as a Platinum Partner of Episerver, the customer-centric digital experience company. Whereoware is one of only three Platinum Partners in the United States.

Whereoware completed a thorough certification process including Episerver Education training and having a significant quantity of Episerver Certified Developers and multiple Episerver Specializations to earn the prestigious Platinum Partner status in Episerver’s Partner Success Program and to join as a qualified, value-add seller of Episerver’s Customer-Centric Digital Experience Platform (DXP). As a Platinum Partner, Whereoware has comprehensive competency and implementation experience, comprehensive product expertise, and a large number of certified resources and specializations in Episerver solutions.

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Whereoware Welcomes John Schneider as Chief Technology Officer

Whereoware, an award-winning full-service digital agency, announces the addition of John Schneider as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Schneider will lead and mentor Whereoware’s web development and technical services team, ensuring the highest technical excellence, project management, and quality assurance are built into every website and technology project.

“I’m thrilled to add John to our Executive team at this pivotal moment. For many, digital is the only channel to connect with their customers right now.  Our Technology Services are the backbone of how we drive smart growth for our clients through digital marketing strategy and activation, and I’m confident John’s strong leadership will be extremely impactful,” said Whereoware CEO Michael Mathias.

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Whereoware Welcomes Paul Pickersgill as VP of Sales

Whereoware, an award-winning full-service digital agency, announced the addition of Paul Pickersgill as VP of Sales.

Pickersgill’s arrival comes after a strong year of growth, as the company plans to expand its client services in 2020 and beyond.

“We’re excited to have Paul on the Whereoware team. He has an exceptional record of building high performance, consultative sales teams that understand the complexities of today’s digital marketing,” said Whereoware CEO Michael Mathias.

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