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Integrating a Business Intelligence Tool (Domo) + Mobile Sales App to Keep All Data In One Place



Our client needed greater transparency into their nationwide sales organization’s activity and progress against goals, but their data was housed in separate tools.


Our Client teamed with digital agency Whereoware to identify a solution to integrate, house, and analyze their mobile sales app data and sales reports in a single location. Enter Domo, a business intelligence and predictive analytics engine.

Management monitors sales rep performance by region, territory, manager, and individual rep. They see the products individual reps show, the media libraries and catalogs they access, items added to carts, and more.

Meanwhile, each sales rep has their own highly-personalized sales dashboard, accessible when they’re on the road, in a sales meeting, or at an event via their Spotlight mobile app.

Now, weekly, quarterly, and annual reports are in an easy-to-use dashboard and are no longer manually exported, combined, and shared.

Download the case study to get the full story.

Spotlight tip – Helpful iPad tricks

Desktop Mobile Tablet Omni ChanneliPads are now as ubiquitous in everyday life as our phones, but there’s one drawback to leaning on these mobile tools. Every once in a while, our iPads don’t work as we expect, filling us with a red rage.

Today, we’ll go over tips to keep your iPad humming, and how to get better support when it’s not. (Hint – smashing it on the ground is NOT advised.)

iPad Battery Low?

Screen brightness
Do you feel like someone’s been shining a flashlight into your eyes after looking at your iPad all day? Tone down the brightness by swiping up from the bottom of your screen to access your Quick Actions menu. Slide your brightness to 50% or less, and you’ll notice a significant battery life increase and a decrease in your burning retinas!

Auto lock settings
Do you ever look down and realize your iPad’s screen is on, even though you haven’t touched it in ages? Change your Auto Lock settings to a shorter time period, and you’ll see an increase in battery life. Go to your iPad’s Settings app > General > Auto Lock. We suggest setting your Auto Lock settings to 2 or 5 minutes to maximize battery life.

Airplane mode
Are you in a different location than normal, and your iPad says “searching” where it usually says AT&T, Verizon, etc.? Set your iPad to Airplane mode to keep it from searching for a signal all day. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open your Quick Actions menu and touch the Airplane icon toggle to ON.

Secret Tip: If you put your iPad on Airplane mode when charging, it charges twice as fast!

Is your iPad App Acting Up?

Sometimes, we all need a fresh, clean start to our day! Restarting the app simulates the first time you installed it (without losing any data).

Double tap the Home button to view all applications currently running

Restarting your iPad apps

Reopen the app

Still Having Issues? Try Restarting The iPad

Remember powering down the old desktop computers? Of course not, none of us are old enough to remember those days!

Press and hold down both the Home and Lock buttons on your iPad for approximately seven (7) seconds until the screen turns black

After about 30 seconds, hold down the Lock button until the Apple logo appears

Still no luck? Send a picture to support

It won’t immediately solve your problem, but it beats sending a 1,000 word document to your support team.

Hold the Home Button and Power Button simultaneously for 3 seconds until the screen shutters like a camera lens.

Go to your iPad’s Photos

Tap “Select” in the upper right corner in Your Photos

STEP 4:  (See graphic below)
Select your photos to send. A checkmark appears in the thumbnail’s bottom corner

Select the share icon

Tap the email icon and enter the support email address to send the photos.

Share photos with support

Back up your iPad!

Through your Apple iCloud account, you can automatically backup your iPad’s content. If your iPad stops working, you can restore all of your content on a replacement iPad!

Go to the iPad’s Settings App > iCloud > Backup
If you’re using iOS 7 or earlier, tap Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup

Make sure iCloud Backup is ON

iCloud Backup


These iPad tips may seem simple, but when the red rage overcomes us, we often lose our minds. Instead of destroying your favorite mobile tool, take a deep breath, and follow our tips. You’ll increase your iPad’s battery life, save yourself from losing important files, and rest assured that you’re not picking pieces of your shattered iPad up off the ground.

A smarter sales app for huge cost savings

See how Spotlight saves time + money.
Get the free case study.

Evergreen Enterprises, a B2B distributor of home + garden decor products, employs over 175 territory managers selling to retailers in territories across the U.S. and Canada. Evergreen needed a customized sales tool to meet the unique challenges of its complex sales team and national distribution channels.

Evergreen Enterprises outfitted its team with Whereoware’s Spotlight for Sales Teams iPad application to increase sales and improve oversight of sales rep activity. With Spotlight, Evergreen Enterprises can showcase products, take orders, and monitor sales activity from the road. The addition of proximity search, lead scoring, and address verification are boosting productivity and saving Evergreen both time and money.

•    New lead close rate increased 45% (scoring integration)
•    Reduced returned package fees by over 90% (address verification)
•    Saved money + time (proximity search)

Today’s Tech-Savvy Consumer – Adapt or Be Left Behind

Today’s consumer has different demands than previous generations. They’re technologically savvy and expect retailers to deliver an engaging customer experience both online and in-store, or they’ll simply shop elsewhere.

With unlimited access to product information, researching and purchasing a product should be easy. Consumers expect product details, peer reviews, and competitor pricing to be available both online and in retail stores to help them make an educated shopping decision. In fact, a new study from BIA/Kelsey and ConStat shows 97% of all consumers use some form of online media to research products, with an average of 7.9 different sources of information for local shopping.

Virtual DisplaysHow virtual displays bridge the gap

One way to cater to the educated shopper is to use interactive virtual displays (in-store tablets where consumers can shop or browse online). Virtual displays bridge the e-commerce and brick and mortar store gap; consumers can research product details on the spot and access products that may not be stocked in-store. They can dynamically see “related products,” opening the opportunity to purchase additional items. Furthermore, they can purchase and ship gifts to friends or home with the touch of a button on the tablet. Virtual displays offer brand consistency – letting customers shop seamlessly online or in-store.

Sales reps, meanwhile, are right there to answer customers’ questions and show them additional fabrics, sizes or colors, to nudge them towards a sale. Without limiting reps to in-store stock alone, there are more opportunities to upsell and satisfy customers’ trickier requests.

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5 tips for a tablet-driven sales meeting

Is your iPad sales tool helping, or hurting, productivity in your sales meetings?

Forrester Research projects spotlight for sales - in ipad-v2that by 2017, total worldwide tablet sales will reach 381 million units, with 18% of these tablets purchased directly by enterprises.

That’s a huge number of tablet users leveraging the tool to meet and exceed their business goals. We put together our top five tips and tricks to ensure you’re using your tablet to its fullest potential.

1. Always represent your company’s brand 
In today’s competitive sales climate, it’s imperative to highlight your company’s brand wherever you go. This is especially true with your sales app, which is in front of your customers regularly. Your sales app should have a cohesive look and feel (your company’s logo, colors, and messaging) to help customers better associate and recall your brand, set yourself apart from the competition, and increase their comfort level doing business with you.

2. Be prepared before walking in the door
Open and load all the apps you need, BEFORE you walk into the client’s door. On the same note, ‘kill’ your games, email, music, and other apps that you don’t need during the sales presentation. Even better, move all nonbusiness apps to another screen. Unnecessary apps only distract your client.

3. Your tablet is guiding the meeting, not leading it!
Remember, your iPad is a sales tool, but YOU are the sales master! Don’t let technology take over your meeting – your knowledge of the customer and your product should always take center stage. Use the tool to prepare a customized presentation (based on your customer knowledge) and guide your client through closing the sale.

4. Disable all push notifications
Before walking into your meeting, picture that familiar movie theater clip about silencing your cell phone. No client should see you have another client meeting in an hour, or that you have to pick up little Jimmy from soccer at 4:00 p.m. Don’t interrupt your client’s buying experience! If you’re unsure how to disable push notifications, ask us at

5. Charge your battery
How can you give an effective sales presentation from your tablet, if it won’t turn on? Charge your tablet each and every night. You should also have a car charger, for when you’re on the road all day.

Take advantage of sales apps in your meetings by following these great tips (collected from reps using our Spotlight iPad application). How do you take advantage of your iPad in sales meetings? Share your tips in the comment box below!

Spotlight iPad app case study

Raising the bar on sales rep training with real-time productivity data

Get a free pdf of the Interlude Home case study:

As a multi-category product provider managing a national sales force, Interlude Home needed a better way to monitor the products and product categories sales reps showed customers on sales calls to improve rep training and balance sales.

Interlude outfitted sales reps with Whereoware’s Spotlight iPad sales application. With Spotlight, Interlude monitors sales activity in real-time (including customers visited and products shown on calls). With real-time insight, leadership personalizes sales rep training and increases sales.

Want to learn how one Interlude sales rep increased sales 16% with Spotlight? Download our free 6-page case study for a more in-depth look at Spotlight’s features!

Spotlight for Sales

Spotlight for your Designers, Retailers, + Consumers

The Whereoware development team has been hard at work! Introducing, Spotlight for Designers, Retailers, + Consumers – an intuitive iPad app to showcase your complete product collection from anywhere, no WiFi required.

Spotlight Designer Dashboard

Sell with Confidence:

  • Access up-to-date product information with automatic updates
  • Show off products with high resolution photos
  • Email customers branded product sheets, wishlists, and personalized presentations (with or without prices)
  • All product details (dimensions, materials, available finishes) at reps’ fingertips
  • App works everywhere, with or without WiFi

Contact us for a free demo!

Want to see Spotlight in action? Check out the Interlude Home app in the iPad app store.

Whereoware adds new clients and features to its Spotlight iPad app

Whereoware proudly announces that industry leaders Currey & Company, Culp Inc. and Interlude Home have chosen Spotlight as their iPad sales app. Spotlight will allow their sales reps to better collaborate with customers to find products, browse catalogs, build photo stacks and write bigger orders.

“We want our sales force to have the most effective tools in order to properly show and sell the Currey line. Putting Spotlight in their hands will increase their productivity and lead to better collaborative sessions with our customers,” says Brownlee Currey, President of Currey & Company. “By having a wealth of information on products, account and order history immediately on hand, our sales representatives can better prepare and deliver tailored presentations, working together with dealers to find the best products for their business.”
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Web tip: looking at tablets from the B2B side of things

WOW-Spotlight-SliceConsumers love tablets – that fact is well understood. The release of the new iPad a few weeks back broke sales records and launched waiting lists right from the get-go. We know consumers are both using and converting on tablets.

But what about users on the B2B side of things? As many predicted, there has been rapid adoption of tablets in the workplace itself. A 2012 AT&T survey found that two-thirds (67%) of small businesses surveyed use tablet computers, up from 57% in 2011. B2B tablet use isn’t just confined to in-office activities, however. These companies are also bringing tablets into their sales process.

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Whereoware Expands Spotlight iPad Offering

Whereoware announces a new iPad app to their Spotlight product line. The new app, simply called Spotlight, enables any registered user, whether a retailer or a sales rep, to search products, browse catalogs, build Photostacks and create wish lists. Spotlight provides a solid base for users to expand into Whereoware’s previously announced Spotlight Enterprise app, a full sales force automation solution which empowers sales representatives to have better sales calls and sell more.

“Over the last ten years, Whereoware has developed hundreds of data rich websites delivering easy ordering, innovative product presentation and fully integrated customer service information. Spotlight is a natural progression because it leverages Whereoware’s vast experience,” says Eric Dean, President of Whereoware. “It takes advantage of Apple’s revolutionary design, providing all the tools a sales rep or retailer needs in one compact device.”

Spotlight provides a tool that allows retailers and sales reps to increase productivity and efficiency, while providing personalized service to the customer before, during and after the sales call. It cuts printing costs, showcases products, eliminates out-of-date information, and places orders online – all in one tool.
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