Cuisinart Achieves 99% Email Deliverability Through Three-Step Approach

Cuisinart Achieves 99% Email Deliverability Through Three-Step Approach

Get the case study to see step-by-step how Cuisinart found the right ingredients for email deliverability success, ultimately reaching a 99% email deliverability rate.


Cuisinart a division of the Conair Corporation, is a market leader in culinary appliances, professional quality cookware, outdoor grilling, and kitchen accessories.


According to Return Path’s Deliverability Benchmark report, roughly 15% of emails fail to reach their intended audience. Every time you hit send, your emails must fight their way into the inbox, bypassing email provider blocks sidestepping spam filters that review your reputation, subscriber engagement, and content.

Cuisinart’s email marketing program experienced a steep drop in deliverability rate, due to mail blocks, bounces, and a blacklisted IP address. Cuisinart paused all email marketing activities and sought an email deliverability solution.


Cuisinart partnered with Whereoware to develop a strategic plan to improve deliverability, get their emails into more inboxes, and stay connected with subscribers. Whereoware tackled Cuisinart’s deliverability hurdles head on with a three-phase approach:

  • Analyze the present state of Cuisinart’s email strategy
  • Improve data and send health to reach the right audience
  • Implement email best practices to maintain strong deliverability and data health

Download the full case study to discover actionable steps for mastering IP warming, authentication, data cleansing and validation, and email best practices to improve deliverability.

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