Feed The Marketing Machines: Future-Proof Your Business

Originally published in CMS Wire. 

It’s no surprise that Automation and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are growing as the front runners of modern marketing and data analysis. Accelerated workflows, reduced manual efforts, data-driven decision-making, and impossible possibilities are the name of the game in 2021. 

IBM reported that 80% of companies are using automation software or plan to in the next year. Likewise, 50% of respondents in a recent McKinsey survey stated that their companies have integrated AI in at least one business function.  

Whereoware CEO, Michael Mathias, chatted with CMS Wire on the adoption of AI and automation in the marketing world. Read on for a few of our favorite highlights. 

MarTech Evolves to Peak Optimization 

When AI and automation are harnessed by talented marketers bent on streamlining strategic decisions and optimizing processes, the only way forward is up.  

Leveraging automation, predictive modeling, easy to follow analytics, AI recommendations and experimentation, MarTech is swiftly evolving into an all-in-one powerhouse, allowing marketers to execute, analyze, and pivot strategy at the turn of a dime with much more efficiency. 

Harnessing the power of AI in this capacity expedites the decision-making process and proves time and time again that the future is now

Humans & AI-Driven Digital Experiences 

While the robot uprising may take center stage, effective MarTech requires a human conductor to continue feeding the machines. 

It’s up to talented humans to set goals and KPIs, work on content creation, push experiments and projects to completion, and make decisions to fine-tune strategy and ensure optimal performance

If a strategy isn’t working, don’t blame the robots – analyze the data and determine what to do next.

Feed The Machines 

Focus on these three critical touchpoints to ensure your AI and automation experience is at peak performance: 

  • Marketers know better, actionable data powers digital strategy. With recent changes to data privacy, the process is anything but easy, in fact Forrester found that 32% of marketing decision-makers around the globe said managing data quality has proven to be their organization’s biggest marketing challenges. We marketers must harness the power of first-party data and continue optimizing and garnering user trust and consent. 
  • Embracing a data-centric way of thinking leads to better culture surrounding the implementation of AI and automation. We must be okay with trying, failing, and pivoting strategy to use these tools to the best of our, and their, ability. 
  • It may be redundant to state, but better basics are of pivotal importance. Without a focus on your user experience and customer satisfaction, the complicated and expensive tools you’ve invested in may as well go down the drain. Don’t forget where you came from and be sure to continue putting an emphasis on SEO, mobile experiences, website speed, and engaging content. 

Unlock The Vast Potential AI & Automation Holds 

Understand that embracing these innovative advances in technology and maximizing the data produced is critical in continuing to grow your business and convert customers. Tame the machines, beat the competition.

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