How A Better Website Reduces Customer Acquisition Costs

Originally published in CustomerThink.

Customer acquisition is critical, but it’s also more challenging, competitive, and costly than ever. In fact, Episerver’s recent report, B2B Digital Experiences Report 2020, found that heightened customer expectations and rising acquisition costs tie for B2B leaders’ biggest external threat.

How can you meet the elevated demands of today’s customers and provide a superior online buying experience, while standing out against the competition and reducing acquisition costs?

“By taking an existing investment – your website – and have it pull double duty. With a few tweaks your website can be one of your most important sales channels and a customer acquisition machine,” says Alyson Hunter.

In an article featured on CustomerThink, Whereoware’s Director of Marketing, Alyson Hunter, shares actionable tips for optimizing your website to capture and convert more customers and deliver a winning customer experience (CX).

To amplify your customer acquisition efforts and create a compelling customer journey, Hunter recommends:

  • Making it easier for buyers to convert. Bolster your website with convenient self-service options preferred by modern B2B buyers. Simplify the purchasing process with rich product details, accessible pricing, predictive search, product recommendations, and a streamlined checkout experience.
  • Nurturing customers with hyper-relevant content marketing. Foster deeper relationships with your audience segments through a variety of value-driven and informative content, such as recorded product demos, case studies, how-to videos, and more. Level up your content strategy with personalization and extend it across other digital channels to guide prospects and customers further down the buying cycle.
  • Integrating your website with your sales and marketing tools. Connect your customer relationship management (CRM) platform and marketing automation tool to your website to better track customer activity, share powerful data insights, provide personalized marketing, and determine sales readiness.

To learn more about how to better your website to reduce customer acquisition costs and enhance customer experience, visit CustomerThink to read the full article.