How to Ensure Your B2B Business is Ready for the 2020 Holiday Season

Originally published in BizReport.

Is your B2B business ready for an unprecedented holiday season?

In an insightful interview with BizReport, Whereoware CEO, Michael Mathias, provides a forecast for a holiday season impacted by COVID-19.

“If you haven’t already, it’s past time to embrace digital in a big way. E-commerce is the fastest growing channel for most B2B manufacturers – the Coronavirus’ impact will only accelerate that trend,” says Mathias.

Due to the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, he goes on to advise that businesses will need to operate within today’s context, not last year’s or even last quarter’s.

Mathias suggests focusing on the “big three”: customer acquisition, retention, and maximization. In a COVID-19 holiday season, this means doubling down on the customer acquisition channels that work for your brand and delivering better, more consistent experiences across channels.

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