Meet Acoustic (Formerly IBM Watson Marketing)

Whereoware is excited to introduce Acoustic, the newest iteration of the IBM Watson Marketing suite of tools, released on July 15. The release follows Centerbridge Partners’ acquisition of IBM Watson Marketing software (the marketing automation suite Whereoware specializes in and has used daily for the last decade.)

Born from the desire to focus solely on marketers, Acoustic is dedicated to building products that “bring humanity back to marketing.”

Marketing is Acoustic’s number one priority, rather than an add-on feature to a larger technology suite.

Why Acoustic?

What’s in a name? In the words of Mark Simpson, Acoustic’s CEO, “our new name is a symbol of our ability to create environments that draw people in, inviting closer and more personal connections. By providing purpose-built solutions, we can empower marketers to make these true human connections. Only by listening carefully to consumers can marketers make themselves heard.

How Acoustic Differs from IBM Watson Marketing

Acoustic’s tools offer the same functionality as their legacy IBM Watson Marketing products, aimed at simplifying and demystifying marketing and helping marketers attract new leads, understand existing customer behaviors, identify new marketing opportunities, and execute integrated digital experiences.

The tools include Acoustic Campaign (formerly Watson Campaign Automation), Acoustic Experience Analytics (formerly Tealeaf), Acoustic Content (formerly Content Hub), Acoustic Personalization (formerly Real-Time Personalization), and more.

We are excited to see how a renewed focus and extra capital will elevate the suite of tools.

Need Help? Get Our Marketing Automation Audit

Want to get started with Acoustic or have questions about the transition? We’re here to help!

Whereoware has over a decade of expertise with this suite of tools, from back when we were original beta testers and initial users of the marketing automation tool (formerly known as Vtrenz, then Silverpop, then Watson Campaign Automation).

Our 25-person team of strategy, design, and automation experts can help with everything from getting started by setting up your Acoustic instance and training, to day-to-day execution of your digital marketing programs.

Whereoware also offers a Marketing Automation audit, with actionable steps to maximize your marketing platform. The Marketing Automation Audit includes:

  • Analysis of overall use of your marketing automation platform
  • Review of your current database structure and data exchange processes
  • Recommendations on data health, functionality, and usability
  • Recommendations for behavior-based, triggered Acoustic Campaign programs you’re missing
  • Recommendations of Acoustic Campaign tools and tactics you’re overlooking
  • and more!

Ready to get started? Get in touch for more information on our Marketing Automation Audit!