Lead Acquisition and Nurture with Acoustic Campaign

First impressions are everything, so lead acquisition and nurture is a defining element of any marketing strategy. Not only does lead nurture impact customer’s first impression of a brand, but it’s cost effective: companies that excel at lead nurture generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost.

With Acoustic Campaign, you can move leads through a sales funnel and make 1:1 connections that customers increasingly demand. From adding new contacts into your database, getting to know them while they get to know you, and keeping in touch with timely, relevant content, Acoustic Campaign has tools to support your strategy the whole way.

Let’s start with how Acoustic Campaign can make any marketer an expert at acquisition.

Don’t just acquire the customer—get to know them

Acoustic Campaign has many features that make it easy to acquire new leads. The first option utilizes the landing page and forms capabilities. In Acoustic Campaign, you can build email sign up forms that are stylized to match your brand and capture any data you required for your business and marketing needs.

The forms can then be embedded anywhere you’d like, including your website or social media. You can even utilize hidden fields to keep track of important data, like where your leads are coming from. When a lead fills out one of these forms, the data is immediately fed into your Acoustic Campaign database and available for you to email.

The other option is through data imports. For example, if your team collects a list of email addresses at an event or through a contest, you can follow Acoustic Campaign’s 5-step import process to get these leads into your database.

This can be a manual, one-off import as needed, or you can schedule recurring imports. Acoustic Campaign can grab files from a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, so as soon as the file is imported, the leads are imported into your database and ready to be targeted.

Introduce your brand        

Once your leads are in Acoustic Campaign, it‘s time to make an introduction. By utilizing automated programs, you can send a welcome email to your leads as they come in, in real time. These programs can be a simple introduction or a more complex, multi-touch journey. With the program builder user interface, you’re in full control to determine how many emails are sent, what time they deploy, the cadence, and content.

Since 73% of leads are not ready to buy when they first give you their contact details, this is a great opportunity to provide information about your company, the benefits of signing up and shopping, and what to expect as a subscriber. Additionally, you can request information from your leads through an email preference form.

On the form, you can ask for preferences like how often they would like to receive emails, what topics they’d like to hear about, and what products or services interest them. That way in the future, you can segment your audiences and send tailored, relevant content.

Throughout this nurture program, encourage leads to convert and take an action that’s aligned with your company’s goals. This could mean convincing them to register for an account, providing incentive to make a purchase, and more.

Even with new leads, there are opportunities to segment within your programs. Using decision splits, you can create different journeys based on the interest and/or engagement of specific groups. Start your program with a general email to the whole audience and as you collect more relevant information on your leads, the data will take them on different paths.

For example, resend emails to leads that didn’t open the first attempt, send emails targeted by lead source or product interest, and exit leads from the program once they convert. This way all emails are always relevant to each individual lead and their place in the funnel. Don’t forget: relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails.

Stay in touch

After acquiring and nurturing your leads, use the information and engagement metrics you’ve collected for future sends and sales opportunities.

Actions taken by leads during your nurture program can determine what program they will enter next, the one-off emails they will receive, and the content that will be shown in those emails.

Acoustic Campaign’s lead scoring models also allow you to assign points based on data and actions. The scoring model can then be used to trigger alerts to your sales team so they know who to reach out to and when.

Additionally, you can set a score threshold where the leads are then synced directly to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, sharing the information and creating a task for your reps to follow up.

Capture and convert more leads with Acoustic

With any marketing effort, it’s important to track and evaluate what is working and what is not. In Acoustic Campaign, once your lead acquisition and nurture programs are set up, it’s simple to make updates periodically to fit your company’s goals and objectives.

Lead acquisition and nurture are universally important, but that doesn’t mean they are one size fits all. The tools provided by Acoustic Campaign help you get on the right track to pick up higher quality leads who are excited to engage with your brand.