Marketing automation case study: Paper Style

Targeting key segments to boost your email return

Whereoware won Acoustic’s (formerly Silverpop) Agency award in the first Crawl, Walk, Run Engage Programs competition, working on behalf of The winning program was an innovative wedding campaign comprised of a series of emails that followed a bride and/or her friends through wedding events, offering Paper Style products to match their needs along the way.

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By targeting one segment of their customer base and showing them relevant products,

Paper Style was able to increase both conversions and interaction statistics exponentially.

The program has seen the following returns:

  • 244% higher open rate than average email send
  • 330% increase in revenue per mailing
  • …and much more!

Want to explore our award-winning campaign further? Download the free 5-page case study to learn more about the ins, outs, and positive results of the Paper Style wedding campaign!