Marketing automation tip: getting the most out of your offline leads

Get the most out of your offline leads –
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Were you a pro at ‘Go Fish’ as a child? The game is a great model for sales: after all, when a tradeshow is over, you want to be the one left holding the most business cards. But if you don’t have time to turn all those cards into prospects, racking up contacts won’t put you any closer to securing sales.

Marketing automation provides a solution. It streamlines sales activity, allowing reps to focus their time on only the most promising leads. But how effective is marketing automation at converting these leads into customers? This question was at the heart of the World Market Center (WMC) Campaign, executed by Whereoware on behalf of Evergreen Enterprises. Using automated data collection and email, the leads that entered Evergreen’s WMC showroom were sent a series of follow-up emails. This whitepaper assesses whether the WMC campaign was successful in converting Evergreen’s leads into customers.

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