NetProspex Launches Workbench: Instant, Online Data Management Platform for B2B Marketers

New Tool Facilitates Marketing Database Health Assessment, Segmentation Analysis, Cleansing, Appending, and Growth

WALTHAM, MA, March 14, 2013 – B2B data services firm NetProspex announced today the availability of Workbench, a new online platform for marketing data management. Workbench puts tools directly into the hands of B2B marketers to help them improve the data used in their marketing and sales outreach. Featuring a suite of services based in the cloud, Workbench allows marketers to:

  • Upload a B2B database file to conduct a Data HealthScan, the first-ever online tool for assessing database health
  • Assess hundreds of thousands of contacts from their sales and marketing database directly within this cloud-based tool
  • View the results of a Data Healthscan online or as a PDF to share results and build consensus around next steps
  • Organize and store files and assessments within Workbench, protected with SSL128-bit encryption. Files are used for the assessment and are not shared or added to the NetProspex database
  • Take actions to clean, enrich, and grow a B2B marketing database

The announcement comes on the heels of the company’s landmark Marketing Data Benchmark Report, which revealed the unreliable and risky state of B2B marketing data across companies of all sizes. A significant reason for the poor state of data quality is the lack of tools and framework for improving B2B databases. Workbench introduces a way for marketers to manage their data easily, giving them the resources they need to stand up to dirty or incomplete data without adding considerable time and resources.

“Good marketing data management is a bit like flossing, everyone knows they should be doing it, but few do it as often as they should,” said Trip Kucera, Senior Research Analyst, Marketing Effectiveness & Strategy at Aberdeen Group. “Aberdeen Group research shows that top-performing companies are more likely to have well-established data hygiene in place, and as a result they’re more satisfied with the level of data accuracy compared with all other companies. In the age of data-driven marketing this is a competitive advantage.”

The first set of features available within Workbench revolves around an instant, online version of the company’s Data HealthScan. This free and comprehensive assessment of a B2B data file covers categories such as email deliverability, phone connectability, completeness, duplication, target profile breakdown, and technologies used at accounts. Users can upload a contact file in .CSV format and learn the current state of their sales or marketing database in just hours. This fast and complimentary service offers a significant advantage over other assessments, which can take days and can cost thousands. Forthcoming releases of Workbench, slated for later this year, will include additional data tools and services.

The marketplace is warmly receiving Workbench. “This is a welcome new tool for marketers to manage the quality and coverage of their database in a fast, intuitive, easy to use interface,” said Bill Haskitt, Partner at online marketing and development company Whereoware. “This will have an immediate impact for businesses looking to understand and improve the effectiveness of their marketing database.”

“Our customers are focused on increasing the ROI they see from marketing automation, CRM, SEO and lead acquisition. To achieve that goal, a fast, easy, and cost-effective way to improve and manage customer and prospect databases is needed,” said Michael Bird, President at NetProspex. “With the launch of Workbench, I’m proud of the way we’ve broken the status quo and delivered a secure and fast, cloud-based data management platform that allows B2B marketers to reduce data costs, dramatically improve demand generation results and initiate a repeatable process that allows them to tame the marketing data beast once and for all.”

Those interested in Workbench can sign up for a free account and begin using the tool immediately at, call 888-826-4877, or email In addition, users can learn best practices around database management from NetProspex VP of Marketing Maribeth Ross in an on-demand webinar with MarketingProfs entitled “The State of B2B Marketing Data.” The full webinar is available for viewing at