Silverpop how-to: using web tracking to drive dynamic content

michelleThis week, we welcome a guest post from one of our Senior Web Marketing Managers, Michelle Graves. Michelle is Silverpop Certified and works with some of our most high-profile clients. Here, she walks us through using website behavior to create relevant personalized emails.

Nowadays, there’s no excuse for one-size-fits all email marketing. There are tools that make it easy to identify online user behavior right down to the topic or page they visited. With this type of information at your fingertips, it’d be silly NOT to target emails towards customer interests!

Think about this concept in your own life: would you rather a store employee help you find clothes in your size and style, or just haphazardly throw all sorts of garments in your cart? This is a light-hearted example, but it’s representative of a larger pattern. Automated, targeted messages have become all the rage for one crucial reason: your customers like them.

So, how can you best target your emails? The Silverpop platform makes this process a snap by allowing you to set rules that dynamically change your email content based on recipient attributes like email, program, web form, or web site behaviors. Here, we’re going to show you how to make your emails dynamic based on web site behavior specifically. What does this mean? Let’s look at Whereoware client Konsyl as an example.

If a visitor to the site lands on their gluten-free fiber page and doesn’t place an order, this web site behavior triggers an email that contains dynamic content built to appeal to visitors to that particular page. The email contains further information on gluten-free products and gluten-free fiber in general.


This email is highly targeted, since visitors to this page have already expressed an interest in the gluten-free line. It’s a great example of making email campaigns highly relevant to your customers’ needs, and saving yourself time and manpower in the process.Pretty neat, huh? Let’s look at how you can set this feature up for yourself. We’ll use an example for a tradeshow client.

Note: before you follow the steps below, you need to make sure you have web tracking enabled (and working!) in Silverpop and that the code is placed on all website pages.

For your email,

  1. Select the area in the email where you would like to insert the dynamic content
  2. Click the drop down for dynamic content (image of 3 stars)
  3. Select Create New Ruleset


  1. Name your content area and ruleset
  2. Under “Rulebuilder Type,” select Rulebuilder


  1. Click Next
  2. Click Add Rule
  3. Name your rule
  4. Hover over “Behavior” and select Web Site Behavior


  1. Next to Behavior, select Viewed web page
  2. Type in the web page URL in the “Target” bar
  3. Set your Timeframe
  4. Once you are finished, name your Content


  1. Click Build Content
  2. Build your content out


  1. Click Apply Changes when finished.
  2. Select Done on both places for Rule 1

You can continue to add rules as shown above, or you can create the content for the “Default Rule”. Once you are finished with everything, save and close out.


That’s it! Your email now contains dynamic content based off of web tracking data. Your customers will receive targeted mailings based on their own website behavior. And, just as with any marketing, the more personalized you can make these emails, the more relevant you will be to the customer’s needs…and the more likely you are to grab that ever-important sale. Get a move on!