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Marketing automation tip: Abandoned Cart email examples

AC-ColonialOne of the most effective targeted campaigns a company can run is Abandoned Cart. As we explained in our whitepaper, “Abandoned Cart Emails: the facts, the data and the how to,” Abandoned Cart emails target shoppers who added items to their cart, but did not complete a purchase during that visit. Customers who receive personalized, targeted emails like this are more likely to return to the website than customers sent generic blast emails. They are also more likely to complete their order.

In fact, recent Whereoware client data showed that Abandoned Cart emails sent on behalf of our B2B e-commerce clients saw an astonishing 59% open rate and 10% conversion rate. That’s 23% higher than the average open rate for other types of triggered emails, and 97% higher than the average open rate for blast emails. Conversion rates for Abandoned Cart emails are even more impressive: Abandoned Cart emails convert 150% more than other triggered emails, and 233% more than regular blast emails. The message is clear: you can’t afford NOT to do Abandoned Cart emails! Continue reading.

Marketing automation tip: Abandoned Cart Emails: the facts, the data and the how to

Get the 6-page abandoned cart case study:

What you will learn:
Discover the powerful stats for abandoned cart emails that prove they work. Learn how to put the campaigns together, including timing, messaging, and frequency. Plus, see some real life examples.

Cart abandonment defined:
Cart abandonment occurs when a shopper adds an item to their cart, but does not complete the purchase. According to industry experts, cart abandonment rates range anywhere from 60-70%, which coincides with data we have collected from our own clients which show an average of 69% abandonment.

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Marketing automation tip: 5 Silverpop programs to implement today

Automated targeted campaigns that work:We recently spoke at the 9th Annual Silverpop Summit about the ‘5 Programs to Implement Today.’  Find a copy of the entire presentation below.  Download the complete how-to guide:  5 Silverpop Programs to Implement Today (.pdf, 2.68 MB)
Welcome Campaign Example

Simply defined, automated targeted campaigns are emails that are directed to a specific group of people and are triggered based on a set of rules or criteria. The most classic example of this is the ‘Welcome’ campaign. It is sent to those who have just registered to receive your emails and is triggered off of that registration date.

We love automated targeted campaigns because we know they work! We have completed hundreds of these campaigns for clients over the years and have found huge increases in effectiveness when compared to normal blast mailings. Continue reading.