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Web Tip – Growing your email list with popovers

Most businesses achieve continuous sales growth year after year by nurturing existing relationships with customers and acquiring new customers through engagement and outreach. A robust, accurate email list is the foundation of nurture/acquisition efforts in the digital space.

But developing, maintaining, and especially, growing an email list is not easy. Popular ways to grow your email lists online include contact us opt-in forms (often on a contact us page), newsletter opt-in forms (frequently in the header or footer of the homepage or multiple pages), or opt-in forms trading value (in the form of a discount, white paper, demo, etc.) for the site visitor’s contact information. Today’s blog post features an email acquisition strategy that you’ve likely experienced as a consumer: the popover.

Aren’t popover’s muffins?

No, not that popover! A popover (sometimes called a pop-up window, a lightbox, or an overlay) is an advertisement or webform that appears on a web page, often times requesting an email address or other information, in exchange for an incentive. Popovers appear on top of website content, not in a new window.

Popovers are popping up more frequently. According to the 2013 Email Market Study from Experian Marketing Services, the number of marketers using pop-up windows on their website to collect email addresses increased 107%, more than doubling from last year.”

Our partner Silverpop backs up this claim, “we have seen 200-400% lifts in web form submittals via popovers.” When implemented with the user’s experience in mind, popovers are an effective way to capture email addresses and supplement your other email acquisition strategies.
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Optimize Your Customers’ Online Experience

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Need to sell more online?

You’re in safe hands – online business is our business. We know better than anyone that it’s not always easy. It takes more than a cool website or an awesome email to optimize sales.

The key to killer sales is optimizing your customers’ entire online experience.

The statistics speak for themselves:

  • 167% increase in website ROI for websites launched with an integrated email program.
  • 64% of dissatisfied site visitors will go someplace else to shop next time.



Industry Online Benchmark

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Curious how your online business measures up to your peers?

Whereoware compiled data from our home décor, lighting, and furniture customers to provide an industry benchmark of major online indicators you should be tracking, such as:

  • % of total customers that visit your website
  • % of total customers that order online
  • % of total sales that are completed online

Web tip: using live chat to connect with your customers

WT---Customer-serviceAre visitors to your website spending a lot time on product pages but not purchasing? Or perhaps your abandoned cart rate is higher than you’d like. Customers with unanswered questions could be a reason.

A 2013 LivePerson Connecting with Customers report said “83% of consumers consistently needed some type of support during their online journey.” Even more frightening for retailers, 48% will abandon the site if they don’t receive it within a five minute timeframe. Live chat, which saw a 24% rise in usage from last year (Forrester), may be the solution.

It’s the preferred method for customer service with 57% of customers preferring to use live chat rather than the phone or email (LivePerson). Plus it helps visitors feel comfortable purchasing. One study showed chatters are 7.5x more likely to convert (BoldChat) than visitors who don’t chat. So, it helps your customers make purchase decisions and has the side benefit of boosting your conversion rates! What’s not to love? Continue reading.

Silverpop how-to: setting up a birthday email program

faithThis week we welcome a guest post from one of our Senior Online Marketing Managers, Faith Albers. Faith is Silverpop Certified and played an integral role in setting up the PaperStyle.com campaign that won Silverpop’s Crawl, Walk Run Programs competition. Here, she shows you the easiest way to set up a birthday campaign – even if you’re not collecting birth dates!

Hopefully you already have a “Birthday” field in your database. If you haven’t been collecting birthdays, don’t worry – it’s not too late! Start collecting birthdays on your email sign up form or email preferences form. You can always send an email asking the subscriber to share their birthday. Here’s an example from B2C Retailer, Mud Pie:

Mud Pie birthday email

Setting up the actual birthday campaign takes 4 easy steps: Continue reading.

Marketing automation tip: Abandoned Cart email examples

AC-ColonialOne of the most effective targeted campaigns a company can run is Abandoned Cart. As we explained in our whitepaper, “Abandoned Cart Emails: the facts, the data and the how to,” Abandoned Cart emails target shoppers who added items to their cart, but did not complete a purchase during that visit. Customers who receive personalized, targeted emails like this are more likely to return to the website than customers sent generic blast emails. They are also more likely to complete their order.

In fact, recent Whereoware client data showed that Abandoned Cart emails sent on behalf of our B2B e-commerce clients saw an astonishing 59% open rate and 10% conversion rate. That’s 23% higher than the average open rate for other types of triggered emails, and 97% higher than the average open rate for blast emails. Conversion rates for Abandoned Cart emails are even more impressive: Abandoned Cart emails convert 150% more than other triggered emails, and 233% more than regular blast emails. The message is clear: you can’t afford NOT to do Abandoned Cart emails! Continue reading.

Whereoware 2013 show survey reveals five key online trends in Gift and Home industry

WASHINGTON D.C., May 13, 2013 – Whereoware, an online strategy, design, development, and marketing company, recently released the results of a survey given to B2B Gift and Home vendors and retailers at the 2013 winter shows. With the addition of data from Whereoware’s own base of over 100 Gift and Home clients, some key patterns arose:

  1. Tablets: retailers prefer personal interaction – tablets can facilitate this process
  2. Email: targeted emails have high open rates, but most vendors are not sending
  3. Catalogs: retailers still want them, but most vendors still don’t use online shoppable catalogs
  4. Mobile: traffic + revenue are soaring, but vendors are slow to invest
  5. Social: a majority of vendors use social accounts, but devote only a few hours per week

See all the trends in an infographic here.

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Silverpop how-to: using web tracking to drive dynamic content

michelleThis week, we welcome a guest post from one of our Senior Web Marketing Managers, Michelle Graves. Michelle is Silverpop Certified and works with some of our most high-profile clients. Here, she walks us through using website behavior to create relevant personalized emails.

Nowadays, there’s no excuse for one-size-fits all email marketing. There are tools that make it easy to identify online user behavior right down to the topic or page they visited. With this type of information at your fingertips, it’d be silly NOT to target emails towards customer interests!

Think about this concept in your own life: would you rather a store employee help you find clothes in your size and style, or just haphazardly throw all sorts of garments in your cart? This is a light-hearted example, but it’s representative of a larger pattern. Automated, targeted messages have become all the rage for one crucial reason: your customers like them. Continue reading

Design + development case study: Evergreen Enterprises

Incorporate feature flexibility for retailer satisfaction

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Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. found itself dealing with increasingly complex demands from retailers and sales reps as business grew. Whereoware was tasked with design + development of a cutting-edge website that would be attractive while still being able to handle the many complicated functions inherent in their B2B business.

The new site, www.myevergreenonline.com, is more user-friendly and allows Evergreen to easily deploy promotions and discounts to their retailers.

Want to learn more about the innovations Whereoware employed to keep Evergreen’s e-commerce business moving forward? Download our free 5-page case study for a more in-depth look at these features, and a peek at some of the amazing results!

Design + development case study: Largo Furniture


A smarter website drives big gains

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Over the last few years, Largo Furniture has seen rapid growth in their product offerings and customer base. They soon found that they had outgrown their website, and reached out to Whereoware for a website makeover.

The new site, www.largofurniture.com, focuses on user experience to make products easier to locate, research, and purchase. By paying attention to users’ navigation and search habits, and creating multiple reporting capabilities for retailers and reps, Whereoware produced a site that was both attractive and efficient.

The updates paid off. Over the first year after the site’s revamp, Largo saw huge gains.

Want to learn more about how Whereoware took the Largo site from hard-to-navigate to hard-to-resist? Download the free 4-page case study to see our tactics for yourself and discover the amazing results!