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Check out our Silverpop Amplify Conference presentations

The 2014 Silverpop Amplify Conference was fantastic! Great information, networking opportunities, and fantastic speakers at every turn. We’re extending the ideas exchange by giving you access to all three of our Amplify presentations and our additional marketing pieces. Check them out below.

5 Ideas to Integrate Your Email and Online Experience

Want to boost your email effectiveness? Tie your email and website together to expand your reach and create a more personalized customer experience. Don’t just hit send – maximize your email investment. Plus, download our handy ‘Ideas to Integrate’ checklist, featuring top 5 ideas for developing a cohesive online experience for your customers.

Pulling It All Together: Leveraging Automation, Scoring CRM, and a CMS to Dramatically Up the Customer Experience

Learn how Nutricia is leveraging Silverpop, buyer personas, its website CMS and more to deliver an integrated,  personalized customer experience. You’ll see how things look from the customer viewpoint and get a bird’s-eye view under the technology hood.

Getting the Relationship Started Right — How Are Leading-Edge Marketers Evolving Their Onboarding Programs?

How do you get a new, potential customer relationship off to the right start? Through a strong onboarding program, you have the chance to set the right tone and drive future purchase behavior. Learn how leading-edge marketers are evolving their onboarding programs.

Want more? Read our case studies and resources for detailed information on similar topics and more. We hope you enjoy the content and feel free to contact us with any thoughts or questions! We are already looking forward to next year’s Silverpop conference!


Web Tip – Growing your email list with popovers

Most businesses achieve continuous sales growth year after year by nurturing existing relationships with customers and acquiring new customers through engagement and outreach. A robust, accurate email list is the foundation of nurture/acquisition efforts in the digital space.

But developing, maintaining, and especially, growing an email list is not easy. Popular ways to grow your email lists online include contact us opt-in forms (often on a contact us page), newsletter opt-in forms (frequently in the header or footer of the homepage or multiple pages), or opt-in forms trading value (in the form of a discount, white paper, demo, etc.) for the site visitor’s contact information. Today’s blog post features an email acquisition strategy that you’ve likely experienced as a consumer: the popover.

Aren’t popover’s muffins?

No, not that popover! A popover (sometimes called a pop-up window, a lightbox, or an overlay) is an advertisement or webform that appears on a web page, often times requesting an email address or other information, in exchange for an incentive. Popovers appear on top of website content, not in a new window.

Popovers are popping up more frequently. According to the 2013 Email Market Study from Experian Marketing Services, the number of marketers using pop-up windows on their website to collect email addresses increased 107%, more than doubling from last year.”

Our partner Silverpop backs up this claim, “we have seen 200-400% lifts in web form submittals via popovers.” When implemented with the user’s experience in mind, popovers are an effective way to capture email addresses and supplement your other email acquisition strategies.
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Marketing automation tip: minimize unsubscribes with email best practices

At Whereoware, our goal is always to deliver a better customer experience than we did the day before. With our email marketing campaigns, we measure open rates, click through rates, unsubscribes, and additional metrics to objectively track whether our emails are engaging customers or falling short.

Unfortunately for our big egos, list churn is part of our business. Customers change their minds for a variety of reasons and with a click of the unsubscribe button, we lose our opportunity to improve that customer’s experience forever.

Don’t despair! Our proven tips can help you minimize unsubscribes and ego bruising.

Map out an email strategymap out an email strategy

Develop an email strategy that outlines how frequently you’ll send emails to your email list. Your email calendar can be very detailed – listing the subject, contact source, date and time of specific mailings, or can be more general – whatever makes the most sense for your business. You can use a simple Excel sheet, a Google doc, or a more robust online tool. You can also use your email calendar to track open rates and unsubscribes to measure email success and customer engagement. Which brings us to our next tip…

Don’t drive your customers crazy

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Web tip: 5 strategies to increase website lead capture

Does your website lead generation process feel like throwing noodles at a wall, hoping they’ll stick? Do you struggle to improve lead volume and quality? Today’s blog post outlines five strategies to increase quality lead capture on your website. Remember, small tweaks equal huge gains!

Create great content

Great website content nurtures lead relationships by persuading shoppers to click through your site pages, e-mails, or web forms. These incremental opt-ins provide better information about your lead, while helping them build a relationship with your brand, increase their comfort level, and make purchases. New content can be in the form of deals and discounts, customer testimonials, How To articles, case studies – the sky’s the limit!

How do you know if your content is great? Review your data to see which pages people are clicking on or bouncing from. The analytics information will suggest opportunities to update current content to be more compelling (pages with a high bounce rate) or add additional content (on popular pages) to persuade site visitors to stay. Digging through the data is a great way to get an unbiased opinion on which direction your content should take.

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Introducing the 2012 B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Project

Here at Whereoware, we deal with all sides of B2B business – sales, marketing, development, and more – and a big portion of that business deals with lead generation. Since this area is such a hot topic for most B2B companies, we all know how important demand generation programs can be.

Have you ever wondered which demand-gen channels your peers find most successful? Will they be spending more or less on leads next year, and for what channels? These aren’t questions that have easy answers, but our friends over at the research firm Software Advice have recently launched a survey to tackle this very important area of marketing. If you are a B2B marketer, you’re invited to participate. We geeks love data, so of course, we’re chomping at the bit for this one!

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